Thursday, 7 March 2019

18 INSANE looks from Instagram's Bratz makeup challenge

A mix of early 2000’s nostalgia, an addiction to challenge hashtags and a love of plump lips have created the newest and coolest makeup phase.

If you don’t remember Bratz dolls or weren’t alive, they were dolls with overly massive heads and eyes and featured huge glossy pouts.

Their catchphrase was “The only girls with a passion for fashion” and their movie was something we all treasured at sleepovers, of course, we would always watch Mean Girls first.

Now, 19 years later makeup artists and creatives alike are picking up their makeup brushes to recreate the infamous dolls which once were earning $1billion annually.

Here’s a look of 18 recreations which had our own pouts dropping open…

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.


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