Wednesday, 20 March 2019

20 reasons why women jump straight into the doggy style position

Doggy style is hands down (literally) the best position for so many reasons, but for such a ‘basic’ move, why do women love it so much? Well…

1. We don’t have to worry if our orgasm face looks sexy and can cum in peace.
2. Boob fondling, lots and lots of boob fondling.
3. It makes us feel super submissive.
4. You can’t see our rolls, and if you’re hitting it well our backs will tense.
5. It’s great for being choked.
6. We can arch our backs, stick our arses up and feel sexy as f**k. And even if we don’t arch right and it looks s**t, we can’t see so don’t give a damn.
7. Stick a pillow under our stomach for the G-spot experience…
8. It’s true, it hits the deepest.
9. You can pull our hair.
10. It makes us feel like we’re in a porno.
11. We can easily play with ourselves.
12. Two words. Arse slapping.
13. Men typically go harder and faster in doggy.
14. Easy for him to talk dirty.
15. You can use our hips to pull us onto you faster.
16. We’re in control of the angle you enter and penetrate us.
17. It’s good for your pull-out game.
18. You’ve probably flipped us over to get here and that’s just hot full stop.
19. There are so many different ways to do the position.
20. You can be rough as s**t in the doggy style, that’s why.

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.


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