Friday, 1 March 2019

The newest quirky food on the market - hot cross bun flavoured M&M's anyone?

Whilst we’re only at the start of March, it means we’re close to Easter aka delicious novelty treats are released…

If you’re dieting I suggest you bin it off as M&Ms have kicked the Easter Bunny to the curb and brought out hot cross bun flavoured M&Ms.

However, this news is full of sorrow as Mars (the owners of the lil sweets) have only released them in Australia… but people are making their rent by selling them on eBay. So much so that they are currently all sold out. It’s a cruel world.

Life gets a little better thanks to McVitie’s who have brought out chocolate flavoured waffles that you can quickly toast and go.

Done are the days of having to melt chocolate on waffles. That was so 2018.

Tesco is currently selling them for £1.30 which is the biggest blessing since Greggs pissed of Piers Morgan.

New to the market is mac ‘n’ cheese on a pizza base, the best of both worlds really have collided.

Better yet it will only set you back by 50p from your local Iceland’s, made by Chicago Town.

Häagen-Dazs have released a barista collection due to us Brits making the coffee market predicted to make 15 billion by 2020.
Waitrose is now stocking the caramel chai latte flavour for £4.80, or 2 for £6.
If you eat the entire tub you will be consuming over 1,000 calories but things could be worse…

Scrap the Crème Egg, Cadbury have upped the game with an Oreo version.
They’ve already hit the shelves and their creamy and biscuit filling has got the nation addicted.
Retailing at 58p – 8p more than the Crème Egg – we don’t recommend looking at the calories.

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.



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