Tuesday, 29 October 2019

10 Halloween sex ideas to unleash your inner freak during Spooky Dick season

If you're looking to bewitch your partner or get your kink on by trying something new then Halloween is the perfect time to unleash.

For those wanting something more indulgent than candy, to unleash their naughty side or just genuinely experiment in the bedroom then here is 10 festive ideas for you to try. 

Wolfie style

If you're a sucker for deep and we mean DEEP penetration then get into doggy but sit on your partner's lap, facing away with your hands in front of you for support.

If you match their thrusts it will feel like doggy but even more feral. 

Roleplay, duh

What better time is there than Halloween to get your role playing on or to give it ago. You're already dressed up so if you've been meaning to try it then give it ago. 

If you've wanted to romp as a copper and a prisoner then dress up as them for Halloween, go to your party and then come back and get it on. Two birds, one stone and all. 

The Spider 

This is the only kind of spider that should be acceptable all year round. This position requires a wide chair.

Sit them down in the chair, climb up so you're facing them (almost like cowgirl but they are sat up in the chair). 

Now prepare to get athletic (Warning: don't try this when you're f****d up). On either side of their bum, place your feet.

Now put your arms loosely around them, obviously insert them and then go for it and for added pleasure slightly pull your knees together and then away again as you grind.

Candy store

Sack off the trick or treaters and go and grab the bowl of candy sat by the front door. 

If you're giving head you can use certain sweets like Skittles, Malteasers (anything round and small) and pop them on your tongue. Hold them against their shaft (gently) as you slide your mouth up and down.

It sounds tricky but if you've ever sucked d**k while holding an ice cube in your mouth, it's very much the same concept. 

Up the antics of the candy store blow job

If you want to give them a limited edition treatment, use a mint sweet as this will give more intense sensations but it's one they will want to try slowly first.

If you've managed to go up and down and not choke, you can also use your tongue to roll the sweets around the top of their penis.

You can also use doughnut-shaped sweets to create a cock ring and lick it away carefully. 

Edible bondage 

Who says you need to use standard handcuffs or rope? Give it a festive feel with some Twizzlers or any other sweets which you could use to tie up your partner's hands.

And then, of course, you can eat it or chew to break free... 

Ride em like a broomstick

This sex position is pretty much reverse cowgirl however your partner needs to be off the floor.

They can either prop themselves up on their elbows or cushions if you want to get comfy.

Get them to prop their feet on something like a coffee table (or cushions) you should be able to stand up with your knees slightly bent.

The biggest perk of this one ladies is that you won't ache anywhere near as much as standard reverse cowgirl. 

Chocolate body paint

If you don't want to waste chocolate (which, who in their right mind would?) Then you can pick up some chocolate body paint.

Ann Summers do a delicious one for just £8 - reduced for £5 at time of publication (buy here).

Devil's delight 

You tease him until he simply can't take it anymore. Push him down on his back, straddle him and you be in control.

Play it up as you do it by banning him from touching you, lick your lips, kiss his neck and touch yourself. 

The Mummy bondage 

Wrap yourself in bandages (or rope for a more bondage feel), get your partner to lick and kiss each part of you as they unwrap you.

It goes without saying, Halloween is all fun and games but we advise our readers to be over the legal age, safe and to not choke on the candy as it is technically a hazard. 

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman. 



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