Sunday, 3 November 2019

The 10 creepiest real life sex stories we've ever heard

The least scary and creepy thing on the planet is sex, right? Wrong, Halloween may be over but these sex stories will still put fear in the pit of your stomach.

We asked our VavaViolet readers to tell us their creepiest and most horrific sex horror stories (and of course, some of the teams). 


"I was once going at it with my boyfriend whilst he was living at his mum's house. He had told me that his parents were going out. As soon as the door closed we got down to it. 

I was riding for my life when he flipped me onto my front and started f*****g me doggy style, it was all so new and exciting! The next thing I know the door swung open and his mum walked in with drinks for us from Maccies.

My boyfriend didn't hear her so carried with what he was doing. His Mum and I made the most awkward eye contact and she just winked at to say he didn't finish that night!”

Sinful Water

“Whenever I walked into my boyfriends house his older sister would turn the music up on her huge amp speaker she kept in the living room so loud especially when it was just us three in the house. I never understood why I was 16, still a virgin and painfully innocent. 

"I didn't understand what it all meant. Months later his sister was on holiday and it was just myself and the boyfriend in the house 'Netflix and chilling' one thing led to another and safe to say we slept together but the only place for us to sit was sitting on that amp, I guess the vibration of the bass helped... 

"Anyway when his sister got back from her holiday the amp didn’t work anymore... it had water damage.”

He's not dead...

“A guy I went to university with used to pass out when he came - he was such player and bought a new girl home every weekend, I used to have to play counsellor to them at 3am after some wasted chick used to think that she had killed him.”

Could have called 999...

“Me and my boyfriend were extremely kinky. This one time I was getting the dicking of a lifetime and afterwards I went downstairs and my highly religious housemate was praying for me because she thought my boyfriend was beating me up!”

I deserve some praise

“I used to have to high-five my boyfriend all the time so that when we went to my room alone and he was hitting it from behind the occasional slapping noise didn’t phase my nan who just thought we were just high-fiving because I had done something great...”

The monster under my bed

“I was masturbating in my room when someone came home unexpectedly. I threw my vibrator and it rolled under my bed and I ran to the bathroom to get cleaned up. 

"Little did I know in all the panic it was still vibrating! I heard my mum shout 'your phone is ringing do you want me to answer it!', as I sped out of the bathroom to try and stop her it was too late, she was already stood in my bedroom doorway. 

"She turned around confused as my phone was in my hand... she simply asked 'what’s vibrating?'".

Putting on a show

“It was NYE and I was fucking my fiancee, starting my new year off with a bang! 

"My friend came into the room absolutely wasted and asked me what I was doing... She swiftly left as she realised what was going on thinking she was leaving us to it but no.. she then bought everyone else from the party back into the bedroom to look at what we were doing... awkward.”

Mother fucker!

“I was staying at my boyfriend's house and his flatmate was home, he lived in the living room so had to walk through his bedroom to get to the kitchen. I was really thirsty so went to get a drink and he was having a wank. 

"Being that it was one of the most awkward moments of my life I scurried into the kitchen and got my drink. 

"I went to walk back into my room, when I saw that the photo on his phone was a picture of me... and my mum!”

Sorry, love

“Well, I once fucked a bird with Match of the Day on in the background and I heard my team score, I shouted goal, stopped midway through and turned around so I could watch it on instant replay.”

The fast-acting maid

“I once did nothing but touch a guys thigh and he came everywhere... on the plus side not only did he clear the whole thing up, he tied my whole flat for me too."

Send in your stories on the usual channels if you think they are horrifying enough! 

Written by VavaViolet's Deputy Editor Jessica Murray. 



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