Monday, 13 January 2020

Sex toy review: 'Lelo's Sona 2 Cruise will make you cum in 20 seconds flat'

Meet the sex toy every busy woman needs, the one that will make you orgasm in 20 seconds flat.

WARNING 18+: Here at VavaViolet Magazine our writers are incredibly honest in their reviews. Due to the nature of the item being reviewed, it may be a little graphic and is not for children or the faint-hearted. 

How it works

The Sona 2 Cruise is retailed for £129, which in comparison a lot of Lelo’s toys are priced around £100-£200. The high-end sex toy brand also still sells the original Sona for £85. 

It uses SenSonic technology which promises to “stimulate more of the clitoris than ever before”, according to the brand’s website. It also promises to make “unique pulsations” while “constantly in use”. 

It comes with a plus and minus button so you can control the pulsations if they get a little much or you wish to up the antics. It also features a wide range of sonic intensities so you can flick through the options and find a pulsating rhythm that suits you.

The Sona 2 Cruise works by detecting what you want, so if you press harder against your clitoris the toy will release “extra power for an intense, deep release”.

Lelo also states that it features the “largest surface area for deepest pleasure”.

Losing my Sona virginity 

When this neat little pink toy that resembles a very chubby pear arrived in my PR box I wasn’t that fussed at first glance. To be frankly honest, I wasn’t bothered because to me, it just looked like every other sex toy already on the market.

BUT, and oh it’s a big but, I was very naive and wasted precious time by putting it off.

One evening I was clearing out my bedside cabinet as lube and condoms do very annoyingly go off, and sitting in its pretty little box was the Sona.

Bored and curious I tugged it out of its packaging, read through the instructions at a rapid pace and climbed into bed. 

Applying the Sona to the clitoris, I hit the plus button just once and laid back. Instantly it felt like the most incredible massage I have ever experienced. Flicking through the rather large range of intensities I found one I really liked and hit the plus button until I got to a pressure that made it hard to concentrate.

Chucking porn to one side, I used my imagination (which has scientifically been proven to be better for the mind by many researchers) but it only lasted 20 seconds before my shocked arse found myself quite literally orgasming. 

Usually, as I’m sure many women will agree with me, it takes a long time to cum and usually ends up in either hand cramp, boredom, or just pure frustration. But not with the little pink pear.

For the first time with a toy, it made me feel a different kind of orgasm. One where I found my legs shaking, my back arched and actually grabbing the sheets (something I hate giving into as it blunts my acrylic nails or can break them if you do a good enough job). 

Also to note, I personally don’t get the same satisfaction from masturbating that I would have from penetrative sex but this time it gave me that same feeling of relief afterwards.   

After my first time using it, I couldn’t wait to give it around two so I ran over to my computer and researched the product. Discovering that during normal use, the product holds back 20% of its power but if you press down on the clitoris it releases that 20% I ran straight back to bed to test it out.

Sure enough, it’s true. When you press down while orgasming the Sona 2 Cruise recognises this and releases that hidden pressure to give you a deeper pulsation. It’s safe to say, it is quite literally clitorally mindblowing. 

I only have two criticisms and one is because I am an idiot. Lelo warns to use it sparingly and believe me, you should. If you use it too much in a small amount of time on a high pressure it can hurt after a while… I learned that the hard way. 

The second is that it is quite loud. With a max noise level of 50dB, it’s one you will need to get down to when you are home alone. 
Do I recommend?

For £129 it is very pricey but take it from someone who has tried similar toys like this from a wide range of prices, it’s worth every damn penny. 

Due to being made out of ASB plastic/silicon it is very easy to clean and will last you a good time. I’ve checked out the brand's warranty and that too is very promising if anything goes wrong.

If you’re looking for a product that will make you cum without putting in any leg work, the Sona 2 Cruise is the toy for you. The only effort you need to put into having an orgasm is holding it against your clit which is fucking fantastic, let’s be honest.

My only real fault is that it is quite loud, however, I’m sure it will be the treat of your life when you’re home alone.

I’d hands down give the Sona 2 Cruise a 5/5 for the sheer fact that it gives you the most clitorally mind-blowing orgasm in seconds flat. 

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman. 

*This product was gifted by Lelo but our Editor has not been swayed by this and has, like always, been brutally honest.



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