Wednesday, 8 January 2020

This is the year I stop being a f*cking pansy | Editor’s Letter

I’m a wuss, a pansy and quite frantically, an idiot (sometimes). But I’m also funny, averagely intelligent and a damn delight to be around - so why do I, and you, focus on the negatives about ourselves? 

I always think my writing is shit (don’t all of us), I’ve slept with people just to fill a void, I’ve stared in a mirror and cried my fucking eyes out, I’ve loved even though I know it’s not returned, I’ve made purchases I know I can’t afford, I’ve intoxicated myself to escape reality, I’ve filled my body with junk food, I’ve stared a doctor in the eye and mouthed that I don’t want carry on and I’ve avoided my phone for days (even Instagram). 

And to make you chuckle in a rather dark fashion, those thoughts all processed in my mind in 2019.

In truth, I’ve never truly known my worth. I’ve always put myself down and compared myself to others. I’ve never once sat there and thought, “I deserve better” or, “I’m bloody good at this”.

But oh boy, I do. 2020 will be the year I, and you, realise that. 

While I've done all the negatives above, I’m also a fucking fantastic friend to have, I could learn how to work a gym machine, I’m a not too shabby writer, I’m an NCTJ qualified journalist, I have a career at 23, I’m lucky enough that my work colleagues are also my friends, I have the sweetest most loving family, a good head on my shoulders and a heart that is just so fall of love. 

I’m bored of not living. I don’t want to not write on VavaViolet because I’m scared of what people think, I don’t want to avoid a gym because I fear people will laugh that I can’t work the machines, I don’t want to shag just anyone anymore, I want to write to my little heart’s content, I want to be present for my family and friends, I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted a lifetime that I’m so blessed to have. 

A negative mindset will only set you back and stop you living the life you want. 2020 will be the year we turn those negative thoughts into positives, comfort food will turn into healthy food, sitting in a towel naked on our bed will turn into loading Calm on our phones and meditating, procrastinating will turn into getting stuff done.

So, to kick off 2020 I and the team have been busy putting together some stimulating articles to get your mind, soul and body ready to tackle the year ahead so we can all get through it together (how cliche) but in true Vava style, we’ll also be focusing on making your sex life electrifying for the year to cum…

If you’re single or want to add toys to your boyfriend's bedside table, check back on Friday, January 10, to check out the toy that is quite literally making us cum in seconds. If you fancy starting a career in journalism but don’t want to go to university revisit on Wednesday, January 15m to find out how to do it this year without getting a degree. If you want to feel more confident while getting ploughed come back on Friday, January 24, for our tips on how to feel sexy in the bedroom. 

And if you need a bit of help getting into a better headspace, whether it’s boy problems, girl drama, or you just need some advice, we will be answering all your dilemmas once a month from now on. The best news is you can send them to us completely anonymously on our AskFM account by clicking and visiting HERE. As we know sometimes you just need a safe positive place where you can let your hair down. They will be answered on Wednesday, January 29. 

So, here’s to 2020 and to truly not giving a single fuck!

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman. 



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