Monday, 5 October 2020

20 reasons why women bloody love the spoon position during sex

From The Slutted Spoon to the Spoon Dog, the array of spoon positions used during a good shag are loved by many women. 

From intense vibes to romantic auras, it’s a position which can be used during a sex session with the one you love or for that naughty shag after a night out on the town. 

You can either be fucked as rough as your heart desires or get it on as you romantically cuddle in rhythm with one another. Or, switch it up and do both. 

Being real, if angled right, it will do the job. If not, work on your angling. 

But they’re not the only reasons why women dig the big spoon little spoon m’lark. Oh no, here’s 20 more reasons why you should be flipping us into the spoon position…

1. It’s easy to choke the shit out of us.

2. You can touch our titties.

3. Let’s be real, it’s lazy of us but it’s comfy.

4. Can be romantic. 

5. We can stimulate our own clitoris - especially helpful if he sucks at it.

6. You can, of course, give it a play too…

7. It increases intimacy. 

8. There are lots of different ways to spoon fuck. 

9. It’s cuddling and shagging, the best of both worlds.

10. When you switch it up and lift our leg up half-way through it is hot af.

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11. You can easily tease us with the tip of your penis.

12. Of course, you can also tease us easily using your fingers or toys too. 

13. Easy to switch to anal if ya feeling it.

14. You can go fast or slow.

15. It means you take it slower and last longer. 

16. Effortless way to lead to random sex when you were spoon cuddling prior.

17. Because let’s be honest, it can also be hot as fuck and dominating. 

18. You can kiss our neck or bite.

19. Hair pulling. Lots and lots of it.

20. Booty grabbing. We know you like that.

Perhaps the next time you have sex you can remember these thoughts which go through some women’s minds and take these as perhaps, tips. 

However, remember, communication with your sexual partner is key. Don’t be sticking it places before asking first, you know what we’re saying?

Here at VavaViolet the team and our readers have also shared their thoughts on the missionary and doggy positions. 

If you have a request for what sex position you’d like to hear about next, drop us an email at

Stay safe, wear condoms, fuck good and come back here for more sexual thoughts and tips once in a while. 

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief



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