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2021 will be a lot easier for you if you manifest, just saying | Editor's Letter: 2020 wrapped

They say it's during storms you build strength, so 2020, you fucking arsehole, thank you.

A year ago, in December 2019 I sat down and wrote my resolutions for the year ahead. Little did I, or we know the coronavirus pandemic would strike and turn our lives upside down.

For some of us, it stole a lot. Like a tornado out to cause nothing but carnage.

It took over a million lives worldwide, isolated our elderly, folks lost their jobs, livelihoods, businesses built by family’s for generations and for some poor souls, lockdown quite literally snatched theirs.

Tragically, this year has affected everybody dramatically and differently to the next. It is why we must be kind, you truly never know someone's story. 

So, it is with a grateful heart that I say, while 2020 has been arguably written by the great Stephen King, it has also, seemingly, awoken a lot of us too. 

And at VavaViolet there is nothing we are more here for, to be honest. 

You see, as the editor of this little magazine 2020 made me realise a hell of a lot, personally. 

Gratefully, it gave me a chance to step back from what I didn't realise was living the most chaotic, unhealthy and quite honestly, appalling lifestyle.

I overworked myself because I thought that's what success is, ate junk food all the time because lazy in that department, never went into nature, binge ate when sad and happy (basically, I never stopped eating), did I work out? Absolutely not! stayed in toxic relationships, intoxicated me almost daily to escape reality, and worst of all, I was my own worst enemy.  

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Now, one lesson I learnt this year is to hold yourself to account, first. All of those problems, we're exactly that. My problem. Therefore, I was always the solution. 

And thankfully, during lockdown away from the world, I have solved all of those problems or/are continuing to work on them.

The troubling thing is, we can all break bad habits if we step away time-to-time from a society offering us comfort disguised as corporation and pain on a plate. 

What I'm saying is, while it started with me, and it starts with you, it's not like we live in a world that wants to see everybody be top dog, is it?

My problems were mine, but society sure as fuck makes it really easy for the asleep to stay that way.

Do you see where I am going with this? 

Why is it, I have to ponder, from time to time, that we do not teach the masses how to rise up from our, quite honestly, depressed modern society?

Isn't it bizarre, odd, that comfort is so accessible?

Comfort is the encouragement to drink alcohol to rid your problems, even for a moment, yet it kills. It's sold so widely, it destroys the minds of many, but hey, let's not tell them that, so much.

Listen, I'm not saying don't drink again. Love a booze-up, I do. However, balance will save your brain from decaying is all I'm saying. 

Its also society deciding all our children need four hours of maths a week, lessons in surviving aren't taught, teaches rarely teach us how to be strong people (only if you get a good one), to learn is to sit in a classroom every day, university is drilled into us as the best option, other options are, let's be honest, frowned upon by the fools - who have a peculiar way of leading us, I must say.

A comfortable society is also one that makes junk food cheaper and more accessible than healthy alternatives.

Annoyingly, it's also one which teaches working to the absolute bone is the way out of poverty. Working yourself to death won't make you wealthy, working smart will. But this is not drilled into us or taught how to do.

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You may have gotten this far and be thinking to yourself, 'What do I, some journalist (who quite honestly, doesn't really know a damn thing) feel the need to come here, perhaps a stranger to you, and tell you how to live your life?'

Well, lesson one, everything I ever write or say is a suggestion. 

What you choose to do and feel about what is published here is down to you to do so with as you wish. Opinions, constructive criticism and the odd curious little troll can always feel free to leave theirs in the comments.

Because lesson two is I don't know everything or much at all, really. Every day, just as everybody else in this shit show I am learning. 

However, I have a fetish for curiosity and I like to learn.

Lockdown gave me a lot of time, 95 per cent of it completely alone, and it turns out in my spare time the best way I found to fill it is to read, learn, write, create and repeat. 

Turns out, I'm happiest alone, now and again wandering out to experience the joy of my friendships and seeing family. But, mostly, I've learnt I'm good alone. Alone is where I can create.

Gives me a purpose, a lil thing that comes into my head in the morning which says, 'morning bitch, however you want your day to turn out, is going to happen' and sees me leaping out to start my day.

Now, if you want to hop out of bed like a bunny on speed every day, living your purpose, happy as larry, then keep reading...

If you're still here reading this editor's letter, congratulations you are now in the 3-5 per cent of the population waking up, or wide awake. 

Lesson three is what I am going to use to wrap this piece because it is so significant. 

It's the one that society has dubbed 'strange' and doesn't teach or preach. Yet, it's very real.

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That is the art of manifesting and the Law of Attraction. 

Let me get to it quickly. It's simple really. Manifesting is a form of energy consisted of what you put out into the world in the form of your emotions, voice, thoughts, everything.

This then forms energy which is the Law of Attraction and that, to put it very bluntly, is you are what you attract (this does not include domestic abusive relationships and bullies, that's created by the bully's manipulation).

Now, manifesting works in a similar way. If you focus, think, and believe in what you want, you get it. What you picture in your hand, what you really believe can happen, will eventually end up in your grasp. 

So, when you put the two together and train them, that's some pretty whacky and powerful shit. 

You have walked into a really cool philosophy. One which will, undoubtedly, set your world alight in the most beautiful way. 

As I wrote above, when I sat down to write my 2019 editor's letter to wrap the year I was nearly three stone heavier than I am now, my stamina was nothing like it is today, my brain was coated in a comfortable fog, lazy was comfortable, working hard was tiring and draining.

Now, following the philosophy's above for almost a year I've lost 34 pounds, my mental health and mindset are so strong my therapist dumped me, abusive people avoid me, good vibes always come my way, what I want, I work hard for with gratitude for what I already have, my relationships with my loved ones are blossoming, my boundaries are clear, I give money and more returns to me effortlessly. I follow my intuition, it tells me what to do at all times. This means it also tells me what to eat, so we went vegan. 

It may sound bizarre. How can a philosophy change your life? Easily. 

All you have to do, to live your dream life, is work on yourself. It starts with you. You have the power to create it, nobody else. 

Stop putting all your energy into other people and take a solid year to put all that power into you.

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Take the most selfish year of your life in 2021. It's all about you. 

Only when you heal yourself, can you manifest at your highest power. Then, well then you can save yourself and even your loved ones too. Perhaps, you will acquire the strength to save strangers and so on as well.

I'm also well aware that in writing this article some will call me crazy, that's fine. 

You see, once you live in 100% freedom in a way that most days go 100% your way because you are in control, people will call you nuts too. 

There is one downside to living your true powerful self, a lot of folks will fucking hate you for it.

But it's okay, by the point where you are living your best unapologetic life, you won't give a shit.

Some poor souls are terrified of happy people. Scared to the bone of a person that can't be manipulated, rocked or tamed. 

A person who is above all grateful, happy and themselves will draw out the evil in some. 

That's always on them, not you. It's not your duty to save the wicked who refuse to listen, that's Karmas.

Some human beings will try and take these lessons from you. Don't let them, ever.

A lot of people will ignore what you say or write, the oddballs often get ignored (cheers, society) but don't knock it until you try it.

So, how do you start this wild little journey, aye? 

Biased, of course, we have an array of content prepped and ready to be launched in 2021 to help you with this adventure - for free.

Now I know, now that I've lived it for a bit and seen it work, I feel confident to share everything I have learnt along with my fantastic, aligned, open-minded and confident team of writers.

And that's my resolution for 2021. A simple one. To continue learning, adapting and then teaching on here. 

I've also hired a personal trainer to start in January. So, that should make for a comedic yet educational series I am hoping. 

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The last thing I have to say is an announcement which I have dreamed about making on my own magazine since I was 10 years old.

To kick off the year we have our first monthly columnist joining us, Jadie White.

Some of you who read my Identity Coaching Journey series will remember Jadie was my Identity Coach.

Jadie's an extraordinarily strong woman who I admire tremendously and am thrilled to welcome onboard.

Her strength, peace and wisdom, are all things I firmly believe will help our readers along their journey.

Jadie is perfect for the role because she is not afraid to say her truth, not scared of her emotions or to share them, her strength goes above what she is afraid of so she can help others. 

That's power, that's what that is. 

I like to think in many ways we are similar, but Jadie is a much wiser teacher in the topics she will be covering and further along on her journey and I too, want to continue learning from her. 

Her columns will centre around spiritually, healing your inner child, finding your true self and everything else from self-care to living a fulfilled life.

That's what VavaViolet is all about and, deep down, always has been, I just didn't know what I wanted the main motto and message to be.

But we do now. It's encouraging others to be exactly who they want to be and helping them get there.

So, 2021, although you are likely to also be a chaotic year - let's be present - we're going to manifest the fuck out of you regardless. 

Say goodbye to 2020. Treasure its lessons, adapt, move on, grow.

We will see you tomorrow (January 1) to begin the year with Jadie's monthly column.

See you then!

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman. 

PS: The first thing I did when I came across the philosophies of manifesting and the Law of Attraction was to listen to the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I listened to it about six times in a row. Absorbed every word. I recommend instead of the latest Netflix craze. 


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