Tuesday, 5 January 2021

20 thoughts woman actually have while grinding/bouncing in cowgirl


Whether we're fronting it, reversing, grinding or bouncing we most certainly have some cheeky and savage thoughts going through our heads during the cowgirl sex position.

From wanting to quite honestly die to low key loving it, it is a sex position of mixed emotions and thoughts.

It's the one where, when you're sitting with the girls talking about sex and it comes up someone will make a comment about legs aching (usually me).

Now, I won't lie, it was not my favourite position. Would rather, and quite happily, suck dick for an hour or more instead, to be frank.

However, a very sexually open-minded friend of mine told me to start squatting every day and stop bouncing and start grinding. I think very differently now.

And that's thought 1...

Here's the rest:

1. Fuck this bouncing shit off. Grind time.

2. My legs feel like they are going to float away from my body.

3. We're 30 seconds in. Will he tell the group chat I'm shit in bed if I hop off?

4. Maybe if I give him the Gluck Gluck he won't notice.

5. Perhaps should add in an extra Gluck to make up for this.

6. What if I squish him and he dies...

7. Oh God, what if I also squash his penis??

8. How do I stay up? Where the fuck is my balance?

9. Is he watching me struggle?

10. Is he fucking laughing??

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11. I don't know if I want to die or for a fire alarm to go off and save me.

12. Ha, oh, if I fondle myself while doing this, oh.

13. That's better. Takes away from Quad agonising pain. 

14. If he slips out, and I go down *desperately tries to get rid of that thought in the moment*

15. Yeah, there's no way I'm cumming.

16. Think happy thoughts. 

17. I feel my most insecure and I'm in pain. Fantastic.

18. Tomorrow, I go to the gym.

19. Ugh, what the fuck is his face doing?

20. Time has passed and I have had 20 thoughts so it must be time to get off.

Massive thank you to all of our fierce readers who reached out when we asked what your thoughts are. 

A lot of you - we see you - also experience feeling insecure in cowgirl, tired, in pain and unable to cum.

This is very normal. We are human. Not porn stars (no shade, wish I was one sometimes during a dry spout).

What we want to get across most importantly with this article - while cheeky and a bit of fun - is that you really are not alone. 

Sex should be fun. A way to explore yourself and someone else. Relaxing, like when you get home and have a glass of wine.

You come home, and like the bottle in the fridge, they're waiting to be popped open and enjoyed, together.

It should be like that feeling.

Here at VavaViolet, the team and our readers have also shared their thoughts on the missionary and doggy positions

If you have a request for what sex position you’d like to hear about next, drop us an email at vavaviolett@outlook.com.

Stay safe, wear condoms, communicate with your partner, fuck good and come back here for more sexual thoughts and tips once in a while. 

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman.

Instagram: @SophBlackman Twitter: @SophieBlackmann Snapchat: @Sophie_Blackman


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