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4 reasons using the Law of Attraction is easier than you think

One thing every wildly successful person you may look up to has in common is their mindset - they tap into the Law of Attraction and manifestation. 

I know you think it's something else that has been their secret formula to success; looks, family wealth, contacts or even natural charisma but we fail to often see what's inside them that has got them where they are today. 

However, you can be born with all of those things and spend a life attracting nothing more if your mind is off. Or you can be born with nothing and learn how to attract all you really desire.

Now, you may have heard of the saying "mind over matter", my personal trainer often reminded me that when my muscles were giving in, my mind would keep me going to the dreaded 12 reps of hip thrusts that I did not want to do. 

As much as I despised her motivational chatter back then, I can say it is a 100 per cent true.

Our mindset is made up of our daily thoughts, this together creates our mindset which affects EVERYTHING from our world view to our health. 

The Law of Attraction, to put its complexity simply, is a universal law that works off your mindset. When you focus on good, you attract a lot of good and of course, the opposite is true also. 

The quicker you consciously implement this amazing law into your life, the better you can make your life!

It is genuinely this simple and I want to walk you through these four reasons why using it is easier than you think:

When people learn about the Law of Attraction, they deem it as something new they must include into their life like a healthy eating regime or skincare ritual. 

Another common misconception is that now you’ll have to run out and buy 10 crystals, a tonne of incense and become a yogi!

I want you to know that you literally do not need to do anything but observe your thoughts – it's that easy!

The Law of Attraction is like the law of gravity, it is already working and it cannot be stopped; whether you like it or not.

I’m sure there are times where you thought of something you’d like to happen wishfully and expected nothing of it. You stayed in a good mood that day and it happened! 

Or maybe, you thought of someone you hadn’t spoken to in ages and they out the blue popped up on your phone?

This also happens with negative situations too. Can you remember a time where you stressed about something a lot and gave it a lot of energy, wising and hoping it wouldn’t happen? Then, of course, it happened. 

This is the Law of Attraction at work without you being conscious of it. It simply is the notion that what you focus on expands.

By reading these last two paragraphs, I am sure you have deduced that it's just best to focus on something good. Since you are already using the Law of Attraction without knowing it, it’s best to focus on the good and use it for good, right?

You know when you sit and admire something in your life, such as feeling really grateful for your friends, gushing over your partner or even sometimes that huge guilty realisation that your parents do SO MUCH for you – you are practicing appreciation/gratitude.

When we are in a state of appreciation or gratitude, we speed up the big A in a positive way. 

Whenever we are thankful for something we call more if it into our life. 

You may be able to recognise this with a good situation in your life; it is the gift that keeps giving because you have always been thankful or appreciative for it.

We can use this powerful tool of gratitude to turn around situations we are unhappy with. 

When we start to express basic gratitude for a situation we do not like (or simply loathe), we start to a) view it in a new perspective but also b) improve it. 

Let’s say you hate your current job or living situation. 

To change it, step 1 is to be thankful for even having said job or home. When we are thankful for something we change our mood regarding the subject but also show the universe we are ready for bigger blessings and opportunities because we appreciate them.

Every day when I wake up, I practice gratitude for any and everything I can find while I get up, brush my teeth and get my coffee.

Like I said previously, the Law of Attraction works regardless of you knowing if it's working or not. 

You do not need loads of books or crystals. You just need yourself and your mind. You need the commitment to thinking positive and nothing else.

This is maybe the part people struggle with. You can read all the self-development books in the world and watch every YouTube video under the sun but it really is up to you to police every single thought to improve that mindset!

Your happiness is your responsibility and it takes taking each thought you have and choosing a positive alternative. Which brings to my next point...

As a newbie to Law of Attraction (or even as an expert), there are so many terms and keywords to learn: vibration, vortex, manifesting, abundance etc. The basic and bottom line of this philosophy is to just feel good.

There's a book called The Secret which whittles down all its pages to simply telling you that you must FEEL GOOD, before you do all the extra amazing activities it teaches you. 

The main thing to do to ensure the Law of Attraction is attracting good things to you is to simply keep yourself feeling good.

Here is a good quote from The Secret that I remind myself of when I get overwhelmed with manifesting: "Joy, love, freedom, happiness, laughter. That’s what it is. And if you just experience joy sitting there and meditating for an hour, by golly, do that. If you experience joy eating a salami sandwich, then do that!". 

This quote always reminds me that I am overcomplicating things and the key to life truly is just enjoying it.

Written by VavaViolet writer and Temple of Sunshine Founder, Shalini Chatterjee.

For all things manifesting, affirmations and Law of Attraction visit Shalini's website


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