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Manifesting: Five things you must do to manifest your dreams and goals

The simple art of manifesting could see your world dramatically light-up and deliver to you everything you want.

Manifesting, what is it? To put it simply, it is essentially bringing something you desire into your life through belief and attraction. Basically, if you think it and believe it, it will come to you.

Sounds easy as shit, right? Wrong. Annoyingly, manifesting isn't as simple as it meets the eye or ears.

It means turning your dreams into your reality through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. Tragically, this doesn't happen overnight.

Therefore, this is the brutal truth, manifesting doesn't work for everyone and a lot of people call bullshit because it's easier to do that than to put the work in and see for yourself if it works.

Personally, throughout my entire life, I have manifested without realising. You likely have too.

The only thing I had manifested for one's self up until the start of 2020 was my career.

Before I even knew what manifesting was every day growing up despite any chaos going on around me I told myself daily in the mirror that one day I would be a journalist.

So, when my dear friend Shalini (one of our wise writers and the founder of told me to read The Secret after I was left fascinated by a series of posts she began creating on the art of manifesting, it quickly took over my life. In the best kind of way.

I realised I could quite literally, as you can, manifest anything I want. 

There is no limit, if you desire it and actively manifest, it will come true. You will see yourself living a different life in as short as six months time if you put the work in.

Jaggi Vasudev, known publicly as Sadhguru, an Indian yogi and author, once said if you manifest consistently you will feel like you are living 1,000 lives in your short life. You will experience more, and live freely.

Albert Einstein himself also said on the power of imagination, “By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired". If science is more your thing, this is the formulation he created called the Theory of Relativity - space is curved by the strength of one's creativity of their mind.

Oprah Winfrey, a massive advocate for attracting what you want by changing your mindset, famously said, "Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you became what you believe". 

Tony Robbins hit the nail on the head when he said, "If you talk about it, it's a dream. If you envision it, it's possible, but if you schedule it, it's real" - important as hard work and acting on your thoughts is key.

As I've written before in my Identity Coaching series and my Editor's Letter to wrap 2020, for a year I followed the philosophy of Manifesting and The Law of Attraction (an article on how to make that work for you is being published on Thursday, January 21).

A few things I manifested in 2020 were peace in my life, a circle of like-minded friends, blossoming relationships with my loved ones, more money coming into my bank, almost three-stone lost in weight, happiness, stamina, confidence, new clients, new career paths, my first adopted dog (who is doing tremendously well. I must say) and other personal endeavours. 

So, yes, I do believe in the teachings of this philosophy and we have also had some readers reach out to us who have started practising the techniques too. 

One lost a stone healthily and happily in a month. She also applied for a job she didn't think she was 'good enough for' after she changed her mindset and you best believe she got a call back with an offer for the job.

Another left her intense and toxic boyfriend. She is now spending the time she misses him (naturally) on herself and has upped her self-care time and now has a booklet full of her illustrations she can now share and grow some clients to make a life for herself - and create freedom. I am very proud of this reader. Honoured to now call her a friend.

They pictured these things. Then when they began actively manifesting, it happened quicker than they imagined - their words, not mine.

How do you get started? You may be pondering... here's how!

1. Leave the past behind 

One of the biggest things which hold people back from manifesting is that you have to learn to leave things in the past.

You can not manifest if you live in the past. Manifestation occurs when you are present. 

It's all about who you are now, what you want now. That's what we need to work with. Forget the rest.

What happened, happened. You can not always change it. So any time and energy you spend on it are a waste. Unless you can take positive control of the situation, let it go.

In return, you can tune your energy and time into what brings you joy and therefore, your pile of good things broadens your future and the strength you will grow to move on from the past will also amplify along the way.

Letting go of the past will become more natural and easy the more you practise doing it - like anything - it takes time. 

When the past disturbs your present, take control. If you can not change it, let it the fuck go before it sets alight to your future.

2. Get focused

Manifesting is a very powerful thing if done correctly. 

To do it, you need to be extremely and firmly clear about what it is you want. You have to get assertive with everybody and most importantly, you have to get assertive with yourself.

Nobody in the world dreams the exact dreams you do. Your dream life has never been lived by anybody else before - despite your beliefs and what has been already been done.

Your voice is new and therefore, your dreams are possible. But this is why you need to get clear and concise about what it is or who you want to be.

An author I adore, Angelina Lombardo, who wrote A Spiritual Entrepreneur, once said, "You are the only one who dreams your dreams, so whether it’s a new partner and a healthy relationship or a better job, know it and own it."

Lombardo also told Oprah magazine that to manifest it is essential people get "the more clear and concise, the better".

She advises, for example, if you would like to manifest a soulmate, write down and affirm what that person would really be like.

What are the characteristics, qualities and the values you would like them to have? 

Likewise, if you want to start a business or land a new job, write down or say what they would really be like. 

Write down every single bloody thing you want and want to be. Do not miss a thing.

Then do not settle for anybody who doesn't fit that description, manifest and save space for the person who does. 

Plan and get concise about your business/career plans and every other thing you want to manifest. 

Get clarity with yourself as much as you can. Brainstorm 1,000 times if needs be. There are no rules as such.

Then show up as who you really are - only then can you attract your dreams to come to you.

3. Start asking

It's important to note you do have to do some hard work and start asking the universe and every single soul in your life for what you really want.

Now that you have your little - or exceptionally long - list of who you want to be and do, let's get the ball moving, shall we?

When it is clear what you want to manifest, it will become clear to others. However, you need to tell the universe what you want and be loud about it.

The thing is, you now have to get brave and either ask or say yes when what you manifested starts coming your way.

Like our reader, who landed that job she didn't think she was capable of at first, you have to go and act.

You can also manifest privately and by one's self if more comfortable. I do both, personally.

This can be done through meditating, praying (many religions respectfully preach this concept in one way or another), visualising or more powerfully, creating visual boards of what it is you desire. 

While meditating, I like to focus on my plans. My thoughts are most conscious and clear then so it is easy for me to tap into them and work out what routes I need to take to make the things I'm manifesting come true.

Do this once a day, in one form or another, and boom, the ball is moving, even if slowly - but we will get to how to stay on path if it feels too slow.

4. It's grind time

If you are like me, naturally lazy and are/have in the past adapted to comfort zones, this one is the tricky fucker and is for many.

Shockingly, you need to mix hard work into the bowl to manifest at your full power.

However, and let me put much emphasis on this, once you start it becomes addictive and your lazy tendencies and comfort zones will leave you - let them. Say goodbye.

Say good fucking riddance to people who distract you or bring negativity into your life too whilst you're at it. Anything that holds you back, cya.

Hard work, despite what they teach, can be FUN. Yes, fun. Fun as fuck.

You see, once you are - as I've preached many times - clear and concise about your goals, boundaries, who you are, everything - you can focus on the fun stuff.

It may be classed as 'hard work' but working on what sets you alight with passion and the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning will have you feeling like you're not working a day in your life. 

You're conscious now or on the way so you will want to work for it, once you know what you want exactly, working for it will become exciting - and seeing it manifest will actually become just a cool side effect of carrying out your dreams.

Returning to the list I hope you have written, what things can you work hard for now? Focus on them.

Do them. Every day. Even for half an hour. Make time for them and set boundaries so that you do them. 

Other doors can open and manifest down the line so only focus on what you can do with what you have and can do, at first.

I must note, the art of balance is also important when discussing this tip. Rest is good. When your body and mind needs it, give it to it. 

5. Patience, master it

While working towards your goal(s) it's important not to get frustrated and discouraged. 

Good things take time, manifesting is no different. 

A tip I recommend to keep you motivated and on the manifesting path is to make notes and appreciate every time it happens for you.

Clap for yourself, share your success with loved ones, write in a gratitude journal or say them out loud, spread positive vibes and regularly note what you have achieved while manifesting - even the tiniest things. 

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman.


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