Friday, 1 January 2021

The special ingredient for success in 2021 | By Life Coach Jadie White

Are you already beginning to feel the January 1st urgency to plan, organise and strategise for the coming year? 

After two weeks of guilt-free rest and a Christmas pass to stuff our faces with whatever carbs we can find, rapidly arrives the first week of January with this military expectation to wipe the crumbs off our face, jump into our "I've got my life sorted" suit and start "making shit happen". 

Year after year, we allow this anxiety to paralyse us, soldiering on whilst hiding from the shameful truth that we just don’t know what we are doing.

It seems so hard to admit that perhaps the things we think we need to do may actually be the route diverting us away from our purpose, the big P, the reason why we are here. 

I offer a new truth. 

Instead, how would it feel for January to be the month of stillness, space, reflection? 

How would it feel to accept that this new strategy is what real productivity means? 

Someone once told me that unaligned momentum is far more damaging than no momentum at all. And that’s what broke the cycle for me.

Taking space from projects, businesses and relationships even may just be the missing ingredient we all need to find our purpose, our drive, our reason for momentum. 

Amidst space and stillness, we find clarity. Amidst the silence, we can hear our soul speak. 

Pressure and force cannot live in this kind of environment. 

Once we find a way to surrender to the space, we realise there is no plan or fast pass to find your purpose.

Purpose comes to us in divine timing; Harland Sanders, founder of KFC didn’t start his franchise until he was 62 years old. Vera Wang didn’t start designing clothes until she was 39. You have time.

The more space you cultivate in your life, the clearer your route will be. 

If you are simply reading this article, you have already been chosen to exist in this lifetime for a reason. 

By simply being here, you are already living your purpose. 

Relax, you will find your "thing", but for now, understand you are exactly where you need to be in order to reap the lessons that are moulding you to become equipped for the big P that lies ahead.

Written by VavaViolet's monthly columnist, Life Coach/Inner Child Coach Jadie White – @vibrat3higher.

Jadie's next column will be published on on February 1.

PS: If you are looking for compassionate guidance entering the new year, I am offering 1:1 coaching for my 3-month programme to not only provide you with tangible tools to connect deeper with yourself but also a compassionate space for you to do so. 
The relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have.
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