Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Three free and easy tricks to really not give a f*ck what others think of you

To survive and thrive we strongly believe you have to not give a toss what others think of you, sadly.

Not giving a shit how others perceive you in addition will bring you newfound freedom. The type even the biggest cheque in the world can not give you.

It's a free tool you can build upon. As we have preached before, training skills into your character and life is no different to working on say your abdomen muscles. 

Time, dedication, hard work and patience will get you a six-pack. The same applies to not giving a fuck what people think about you.

Consider this, if you actively dedicate yourself to learning this skill, working hard to implement it into your life through self-discipline and stay patient as you develop, I promise you, you will eventually not be concerned by others' opinions and thoughts - who you do not value or truly respect.

Besides this, it's important to note sometimes you do have to give a shit. 

For example, by not 'giving a fuck' we mean not caring for what trolls (people who hate on the internet) think of you or, of course, in your personal life. However, when it comes to an argument with your boss you can't just not give a shit and tell them to piss off. 

People who don't give a toss almost always carry respect and consideration for others because they once gave a fuck and they're wary of others feelings.

So, how does one get started on implementing not giving a heck into your mindset?

Here are three simple and effective tips and tricks to build the skill of being unbothered by negativity energy and people...

A Projector is someone who carries out psychological projection. 

This simply means they use their ego to defend itself by trying to quite literally project the blame onto others. Likewise, someone who is confused will try and confuse others.

What you must come to realise is a lot of people share their negative views and thoughts as a defence mechanism. 

It is not your fault if someone - anybody in your life - chooses to act in this ill manner.

For example, if you accidentally walk into somebody and you immediately apologise sympathetically and they choose to lash out in exchange - they're projecting. 

You caused a mere human error, an accident. An open-minded, understanding and someone who isn't a projector would most likely shrug it off politely back and continue their day. 

Moral of the story, do not let these people (projectors) ruin your day. 

When they piss you off, think 'I don't give a fuck, hope they get better' and continue your own merry little day. 

Forget them. You deserve to free the aggravation from your mind. We need room for better things.

If you're naturally a people pleaser, adore people liking you and seek to get on with every single soul you encounter - you are fucked.

Apologies for being so blunt, to put it kinder but to moreover drill in the harsh reality that it really is okay if not everybody likes you and you don't need their approval to fulfil your purpose.

You are not here on this earth, living and breathing to please everyone.

All you can do is look after yourself and be open-minded and mindful of others emotions.

If you are doing nothing wrong to someone and you firmly believe that they just hate/dislike you for no real logical reason, leave them to it.

Stop trying to convince people you are likeable.

Let me tell you right now, you are personable - to some people. It is impossible to please and be liked by everybody. So stop wasting energy on it.

The more energy you spend worrying about people disliking you could be spent elsewhere. It's valuable time that's costing you greatly.

Also, why are you focusing on your haters? Switch that, more of that time on beloved family and friends.

As we said in the introduction - there are some things you really should care about.

These are your, career, business, money, time, goals, health, family, friends and partner.

Things you shouldn't give a crap about are, what others think of you, if they like you, if they like your decisions, things you can't control or change, people's expectations of you (unless your boss, for say) and folks opinions of you.

So, what can you focus on that you should give a shit about?

Luckily, there are only three areas. 

How you spend your time, how you use your energy and how you spend and use your money.

That's it. That is all you can control in your life.

But they branch out into every area. Such as leaving a career to start a business so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

If you stopped giving so much thought behind what others thought about you and just did what you wanted to do with your time, energy and money instead you'd be where you want to be and you know it!

Written by VavaViolet Magazine's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman



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