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10 free last minute Valentines Day gift ideas - incase you screwed up

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and with everything going on in the world finding presents to celebrate can be the last thing on our minds.

Therefore, many of us are finding ourselves a little screwed today. With the mounting worry that we will let our partner down.

Remember, money means absolutely fuck all when it comes to love and you do not need a gift which costs you it to prove you have adoration for someone. 

Spending quality time together, doing little things to make them laugh and lift them up, those things are free.

So, here is our quick-fire guide to free and easy gifts you can do for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank - and you can turn them around by tomorrow morning!

1. Virtual date night  

Movie night via zoom - if you’re not locked down with your partner perhaps have a virtual date night. 

Grab yourself some snacks, maybe even send/or drop each other your favourite snacks then stick on your favourite movie and watch it together virtually.

Netflix also offers a great service called Netflix Party (a quick Google search will show you) where you can connect your accounts and watch the same thing at the same time.

It’s also beneficial as if one of you pauses it, it stops for the other.

Toilet break issue sorted!

2. Food is love  

Make them their favourite breakfast in bed. It really is the more simple things and cooking for someone is simple but romantic in a caring fashion.

This doesn’t have to be expensive and even if you’re a bad cook it’s the thought that counts right?

Grab what you already have in the fridge and just whip something up with love.

You could also have a night where you cook together. Make it fun, throw flour at one another and shag on the kitchen island. 

3. Get your freak on 

Bring out the box most couples save just for special occasions (goodness knows why), the Sex Toybox.

Want to spice up your sex life on a budget and try something different this Valentine’s Day?

We know what you’re thinking, we’re in lockdown and it’s too later to order a dildo.

Worry not as Poundland’s new range of sex toys has lots of different products available for under a fiver. 

They include anything from cock rings to vibrators as well as a large collection of flavoured and sensation lines of lube so why not try something new? 

Also as an essential retailer, it means you can just pop into store and pick these up! 

4. Let your romantic self come out to play 

They’re your loved one so fuck it, go hard and tell them it.

Create cheap and cheerful ‘reasons why I love you’ jars.

All you need to do is cut up small pieces of paper and write on them the reasons why you adore your significant other. 

You can then put these in an old jar you have just lying around and it can make a thoughtful gift that they can use all year round when they want a little pick me up.

You’d be surprised by how much that would mean too many people. 

5. Nostalgia is free and also very cute! 

Why not print some old photos and write on the back of them your favourite memory from that day with your lover. 

In a time when we can’t go out, it’s good to remember the good times. 

This can be done in the local supermarket and doesn’t have to cost much at all and can be picked up during your essential food shop.

6. Be sensual towards each other 

Give one another a massage, stick on some music, grab the moisturiser and give it a go! 

Not only will it make you feel super connected to your partner and feel amazing, but it is also something both of you can enjoy and can be super relaxing. 

If you don’t know where to start there are lots of YouTube tutorials for basic massages so get watching! 

7. Oh, so you want to get old school? 

Only the bravest (and coolest) amongst us will take this one on, write them a love letter.

Let your inner thoughts for your partner escape onto the page with love and creativity. 

It is a lovely gesture that will make them beam every single time they look at it.

During this digital age, it’s a very lost art and one we must bring back.

If you want to create the perfect poem, story etc for your loved one and you would be up for hiring a professional writer our Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman is available to be hired to whip up a piece they will want framing on their wall. 

If you are interested, email Sophie at

8. Get into nature

Forgive me for quoting How to Lose a Guy in 10 days but Nothing says I love you like a “love fern,” right? 

Why not buy a plant or flower that you can nourish and grow together, instead of your standard bunch of flowers that will die in just a few weeks.

9. Free gifts 

Love coupons - make some “coupons” or “tokens” for little things they love and then give them permission to use them whenever they want. 

For example - choosing something on the TV or cooking their favourite meal.

Of course, you can make these as raunchy and dirty as your heart desires. 

10. Have a cute planning sesh 

Why not have a date night where you write some ideas down that you can work through together once the pandemic fucks off.

It won’t cost a penny and will get you both excited for your future together out of this lockdown world together.

Especially if you met and began dating in lockdown.

Written by VavaViolet’s writer, Jessica Murray


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