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Treat a woman good, expect a freak: How to win the heart of a sexually strong woman

If you're seeking the kind of woman who will give you the old Guck Guck in the bedroom and treat you right, we're prepared to let the male species into how it's done. 

There are not many women out there who play the field in a more stereotypical masculine way - and they're even harder to win over. 

Why are these wild women so rare and difficult to tame? Let us explain...

Men will shag about and explore at their own leisure until they meet the right partner for them and settle down.

Women who do this are frowned upon and dubbed sluts. A woman, of course, must sleep only with a handful of guys and hope to God one of them is good for her otherwise... oh dear, she's a slag at no fault of her own. 

This is obviously a load of old-fashioned bollocks and therefore at Vava we say fuck that!

The majority of men feel comfortable to hunt/search for their life partner because they have no stresses such as worrying if their future wife/husband will sulk over their count. Women do have this stress. They also have the worry of the clock ticking if they want children. 

Do you see now, gentlemen, why so many girls and women settle in awful and unideal relationships? 

Of, course, some men sadly suffer from this issue as well - we are not doubting that - however, this conversation right now is about us. Respect that, and we will get onto your topics.

Back to the point, how does one, whether you are male, female or trans, win over a sexually strong woman?

Let's start with tip one...

Before you sigh and assume this is asking for the world, most strong women are incredibly independent.

Do not forget, in a society where it is easier for a woman to couple-up - and easier for women to do so than men - they have chosen to stay completely alone. Even if they could have company, perhaps men and women chasing in their DMs, they are not bothered. 

They likely have a very busy life filled with their loves, hobbies and career so expectedly they will not require much of your time as they do not have a lot to compromise with themselves.

This is because you will not be a priority or the first option to this kind of woman for a very, very long time - probably ever, to be honest. She too won't expect you to treat her any differently. 

You will come after her current lifestyle as she is dating/getting to know you and feasibly for the foreseeable future into a relationship if you shall have one.

With her independence and chaotic diary, this means she can finance and look after herself - she doesn't need this from you. She will just want you to be solid yourself.

Consequently, when we say your time and attention, we mean one afternoon a week if you're both lucky. However, as you'll find with her, her phone will usually be off and you will have her undivided attention away from her emails.  

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When interviewing guys on the topic of sleeping with a woman who perhaps has more experience than them, there is a pattern that they are anxious they will not perform as well as all the other guys.

Listen, take it from us, 90% of the guys any woman sleeps with are not that great in the sack and hence why these sexually strong women will not settle for shit sex for the rest of their lives. And can you blame them?

All they want you to do is listen to them and show interest!

It really is that simple when it comes to sex. None of us out here are a porn star (unless you really are one then cool) and we're all making it up as we go along.

No one is a sex expert. We all like our own things and sleeping with every soul you hook-up with will be completely and utterly different.

This is why listening is extraordinarily important. Not every woman likes the same things. Don't forget to get to know each other sexually.

Also remember, comparing in any manner is pointless. Therefore, keep in mind a sexually strong woman is also a smart cookie and thus, will not compare you to others as she's aware, everyone is different. 

All she will do is pay attention to if you're listening to what she likes while fucking and if you're interested in her being in a great deal of pleasure.

Because she will certainly make your world come alive if you do.

Do not expect a woman to show you how freaky she is if you're not doing the above. We save that wild feminine side of us for the men who deserve it - aka can make or at least try to make us cum. 

We don't give a shit if they're our friends with benefit or husband, the same applies.

The ones who pay little attention other than their own pleasure will likely end up in doggy or missionary. No Guck Guck to be expected either. 

A strong woman doesn't need you to come along and save her. She's doing just fine without you and she will if you shall ever leave.

However, no matter how tough somebody is we all need to be around people who are good for our energy and mental health. 

She will leave you the second you start to cause any damage as she's found peace and strength thence her bags will be packed and she'll be gone. 

There are not many chances with one of these women so how on Earth do you keep them?

Simple, really. 

As they will for you, you remember they are a human being, like yourself, who will not always be perfect. They will be flawed, have bad days and come with their baggage or fuck up occasionally.

But so will you. A strong man/woman knows the past is in the past, the future is anxiety and therefore, they will focus on the present alongside you.

This means they will expect you to be incredibly considerate of their emotions and feelings as they will be doing the exact same thing for you.

And a strong woman has high-standards that need meeting for a reason, it took a hell of a lot for her to build her life and strength so she must always guard it with her life.

All she wants you to do is be mindful and kind, that's it. 

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman


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