Sunday, 14 February 2021

Valentines Day for single people: How to make it marvellous as f*ck

Comparable too many issues we face, being sad/disappointed on Valentines Day is a mindset obstacle which means, there is a workable solution to the dilemma. 

Usually, on we write this kind of article in a mix of second and third person but for this piece Vava's Founder Sophie Blackman will be writing her tips in first and we will now go into first and I'll explain why I'm doing so...

For me personally, Valentines Day used to be a day I'd view much like how I would view Sundays.

With an extremely negative mindset. A depressive one, in all honesty. 

For example, I use to dread Sundays until I realised the problem isn't Sundays, it was my mindset and how I was spending them.

Therefore, I began seeing them as a day where I let my inner geek fully shine and I'm a good girl who sorts her life out, has an evening of self-care and I do what I want. I always keep Sundays free. Other than dog walks, for this reason, it's my day.

I need it once a week to get it together and many others do this or on a different day to what suits their lifestyle.

On a Sunday, I will think and do as I so please. It's all about my wellness and preparing myself for the week ahead so I can go full storm every single day. But if I am to be in game mode for so long I need that one day every single week.

This is why I made Sunday my day. As I saw it so negatively it made sense to make it my selfish day. A self-care day.

The very same thing applies for Valentines Day - anyhow, in my usual dramatic fashion, it's a day of extreme self-care and we even deep dive into our self-worth. 

Valentines Day, Sundays, Mondays, they are coming whether you like it or not so what you should do is switch up your perspective as much as you can and slowly over a period of time as it takes time to shift one's state of any mindset. We go slowly and easily on ourselves over here, remember guys! 

If you're an avid reader you will know there are no real rules here. But this leads me onto tip one of what I do on Valentines Day as a single soul. Let's get cracking... 

Quite literally. Let it be a day where nothing else on this Earth matters but YOU.

The day of love can fall on any calendar date so whether you are working or off, here's what I do on both.

When it so happens I'm off and have a free day, fabulous. Love it. Wish it happened more as the whole day would be spent on myself and my dog.

If I'm working, I stick to it. For me it's not worth using holiday, moving my schedule around or losing out on money. 

I also doubt it ever will be but then again, I suppose that's why I myself am single. Very difficult person. 

And for good reason! Yes, it's a lovely day to show adoration but life doesn't stop. Celebrate it when you can, when it suits you and if you want to.

This means that whether my free time is before or after my commitments, I use that precious period of time to just focus on myself.

This leads on to point two...

What kind of extreme self-care shit do I recommend you do on Valentines? Whatever you want!

Personally, I'll treat myself to some flowers (a present too because, why not?) and make sure I have extra-fine pamper products in the house to treat myself to.

I'll do things like run a luscious bath, pop on a face-mask, hair-mask, heck they even sell boob and bum masks now.

Shove it all on, I do. 

Also, I'll masturbate my life away, perhaps tidy my flat, organise my life, go and see the girls, anything I love doing.

The point is to not sit around moping. Sure, you could see everyone's lovely posts today and be envious but I'd rather flick through smiling for people.

Instead of focusing on others, the whole point is you shift that mindset and make Valentines about you from here on.

On to point three...

Sounds harsh, but if you are single this Valentines lets take a look at your mindset towards it.

Maybe you're recently single which is understandable for you to want to mope around today, right?

However, I don't want you to stay in that place and I am sure you do not want to either.

So, take the day to reflect and be grateful.

When I say be grateful, I mean practise your gratuities. For example, yes you are single but it is better than being in an unhealthy relationship.

Focus on that fact. You are single for you, to focus on you, to move on.

So go and do it. Start today on Valentines by reminding yourself that yeah, while it will get you down (you're human) at least that person is gone and you can now focus on your true love, yourself. 

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman


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