Tuesday, 30 March 2021

10 tricks to get you out of a slump: How to pick yourself back up

We all struggle, to put it frankly. Everyone you have ever met has down days and they are so normal yet sadly we're not educated on how to handle the lows.

Mental health is something that so many people go to war with themselves over and even getting out of bed can be the greatest achievement. 

It is so easy to beat yourself up for not doing all of the things that you want to achieve and get done when you’re having a bad time of it but it's important you look after your wellness before it becomes an illness, remember. 

So here is a list of 10 little things you can do when you are struggling that - our my opinion - really can make you feel just that little bit better.

Sometimes getting all 10 done can even lift you out of the low without you realising. However, if they do not or if you are struggling for a prolonged period of time please contact your GP or a therapist. 

It may sound silly but being clean and fresh will make you feel so much better mentally as well as being good for the care of your vessel.

Treat yourself and do a face mask, paint your nails, give yourself a pedicure, whatever makes you feel good is what self-care is.

For men, you can also participate and do a face mask, trim your beard, toenails, anything you like!

Also, we have all been there where we fob off washing our hair when in a downer but give it a wash and style it and you will be amazed by how something so simple can help.

You will also feel proud of yourself for doing little tasks such as self-care.

Watch some tutorials and get inspired, try a different look to what you normally do and get creative.

Have some fun with it because there are no limits to what you can do. 

By doing this you can also experiment without any fear of it going wrong and people seeing it. 

You’re not going anywhere anyway so what if your winged eyeliner isn’t perfect wipe it off and start again. 

If you don’t feel like wasting your makeup for no one to see it why not do some skincare or put on a face mask.

At the start of lockdown, we all became understandably very comfortable in loungewear and for someone feeling low, this can actually keep you feeling so. 

If you get dressed, you have done one small task that day that you didn't think or have the effort to do but you did it.

Now perhaps you can do another small task like potter around and tidy your home or room.

Heck, why not throw on a party dress and dance around the house with the music blaring! 

I know this can be hard and sometimes we all like to sit in the dark or with just our fancy led lights on all day but it is factually accurate that this can make you feel worse. 

Even if you can’t face the outside world by leaving the house letting a little bit of light in and maybe even opening a window a little to let some air in can make you feel a little bit connected to the outside world without it being overwhelming.

Opening the curtains can also help you feel not so alone and isolated as shutting yourself away obviously would do.

Try reading or writing down some positive affirmations. Be that about life, yourself or your insecurities. 

However, when doing so it is important that what you write is nothing but possible, for example: "I am going to work hard and achieve all my goals while having fun," is one we like to tell ourselves here.

Make your affirmations just that, personal to you and fun.

Tell yourself good things about yourself, talk to yourself in the mirror and list all the amazing things about yourself. 

Be the friend you need and the friend you would be to others. 

Grab yourself a drink - the likelihood is you’re not taking care of yourself and so take the time to make yourself something you will enjoy.

If not a glass of water can never be bad and the more you drink, the more fresh, healthy and happy you ultimately feel. 

Sit with a book, or in peace and just enjoy that peaceful moment. 

Even if it is small just eat something! 

If you find it hard to do so watch or read something while you munch, it can sometimes distract you from the daunting appearance of a plate of food. 

The trick is to not focus on whether or not it is the right thing or even healthy, you're already feeling low to don't be too hard on yourself just try as you will likely be lacking energy and food is fuel!!

Chuck on your favourite song and give it a listen, dance around like nobody is watching or type in a genre on Spotify or YouTube and see where it takes you. 

You never know you may find a new artist that you like or rediscover an old classic!

Return to songs that make you happy and avoid sad ones or any that could bring your mood down even more.

Find something that can be your escape. For most of us on the team it's writing, but it could be anything from cross-stitch to crosswords, singing to sudoku. 

Everyone has something that they like to do and it can pass the time. 

It also gives you a nice feeling of you achieved something - and you will likely have a lot of fun doing it with your mind distracted.

Our Founder Sophie Blackman will listen to positive self-talk podcasts and draws or write when the world gets a little crazy.

Doing so and creating something can also help you release pent up emotion that you may be hiding.

Let it flow into your art, we say!

Don’t start a huge project if you don’t want to as that can often be overwhelming and won't help lift your vibe. 

Why not try and tidy just one drawer for example or one section of your wardrobe.

Small steps can make a huge difference and you may even find things you thought you didn’t have anymore. 

Written by VavaViolet's writer, Jessica Murray


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