Saturday, 27 March 2021

8 things people suffering from mental health illnesses are sick to their back teeth of hearing

If you are someone who suffers from mental health illnesses there is probably a few phrases that you are sick of hearing - or perhaps you need to learn when to shut up. 

Although sometimes people mean well it is just a clear statement that they don’t really understand what you are going through or don't care enough to show more of an interest in order to understand, to be frank. 

So to put a VavaViolet Magazine spin on it - because we all deserve a bit of a giggle - below are just eight of the annoying as fuck and frustrating phrases that people say to those struggling to yano... live!

Being the strong one always comes with challenges, but even the strongest of people can suffer too. 

Appearances and characters can be severely deceiving, just because somebody is not crying and breaking down doesn’t mean they are not suffering.

Some folk can wear such a mask not a soul around them will pick up on it. So, if a strong person in your life breaks down, please don't say this to them as it makes them feel like they are doing something wrong - when they're not.

Nobody is "fine" all of the time. We are not robots, people!!

Nah, just take them for the sheer thrill.

You're not a doctor and clearly very clueless on the subject if you have to even ask such a peculiar question so keep it shut or learn.

If a medical professional and yourself have come to the conclusion that medication is the way forward to help to control your illness and that works for you then yes, you do really need them. 

The stigma behind "happy pills" is so large but talking about it is brave. 

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

This can be a hard one to hear, sometimes even getting out of bed is an achievement let alone getting dressed and going out. 

For some, even the prospect can seem like torture. 

Lack of sleep can also be a huge issue with mental health so yes, they probably are tired and that mixed with how they are feeling is making life tough, so forgive them if they don’t want to get their glad rags on.

There is a dramatic difference between sympathy and empathy, nobody’s journey is exactly the same - even if you both have the same diagnosis. 

If we were all exactly the same in life it would be boring but nothing is more irritating than someone who "knows how you feel" when the reality is no one knows what you go through accept you.

Therefore, as blunt as it is to say, it's pointless and a waste of your breath.

Some people just do not understand and yes it may from the outside seem like you are making a fuss over nothing to certain naive individuals.

However, it is ok to attempt to try to educate and speak to them about the reality of what you’re going through.

Your feelings are valued. If you need to be dramatic for a day so that you can then go into boss mode, do it.

Do whatever it is you need to make you feel better as long as you're not harming another.

Whenever people hear this what it ultimately does is make them feel completely invalid. 

Obviously, folks around the world are suffering every day and everyone has their own struggles, but just remember this doesn’t make yours any less valid.

It's okay to focus on yourself and sort your own problems out. Don't let people demoralise you or your feelings.

Smack on a fake smile and everything will be ok, this is one of the scarier comments. 

You shouldn’t be forced to hide how you are feeling in any situation if it is good or bad. 

If you feel sad or upset it is okay to feel that and people should be respectful of it. 

Believe us, if those people could flip a switch and be "cheered up" all of a sudden, they would obviously choose that option, wouldn't they?

Thank you so much for that. I am now magically cured and can continue my life without concern... 

Don’t forget that sometimes people say things they don’t mean when they don’t understand a subject or conversation in a bid to sound smart or in touch when in fact they are just lazy and can't be arsed to learn or reflect.

We would be interested to hear some of the things that people have said to you before and how you dealt with it, let us know in the comments!

Written by VavaViolet's writer, Jessica Murray.



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