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Millions of peoples’ lockdowns were inspired by Stacey Solomon’s Instagram: Here's how she did it


With over 4.1 million followers and her recently released book Tap To Tidy, Stacey Solomon is a household name with much respect behind it.

Recently engaged Stacey, to longtime sweetheart Joe Swash, appeared on our screens for the first time a decade ago on The X Factor.

Nearly ten years on, this cheeky chick from Dagenham went from taking Simon Cowell by complete surprise when she sang to being a frequent TV personality ever since.

These days offers come in constantly it appears for the mother-of-three who regularly appears as a panellist on Loose Women.

But what makes this “ordinary” girl from Essex keep over 4 million of us watching on Instagram and cause such a following... 

From Fejkas to family, flat pack furniture to fun food - Stacey’s Instagram is normally a hive of activity and so here are a few reasons why so many of us across the world just can’t get enough...

Her positive mental outlook and insight into “normal” life with Joe and her children when the world is going crazy has been refreshing, funny and relatable. 

From Homeschooling dramas, stained sofas and good old DIY there is something for everyone to enjoy even if you can’t relate to it all. 

It is refreshing to see a woman with a toolbox getting stuck into home improvements and has inspired many lockdown projects among us. 

She is always reminding us to take time for ourselves, promotes self-love always and encourages us that it is ok to be different and love the skin we’re in.

Stacey is brutally honest. Unlike many ‘influencers’ she only promotes products that she genuinely uses and often shops with small businesses and gives them the love they deserve especially in these unprecedented times. 

If something isn’t so great she will say it and give her honest feedback and people respect that! 

If she makes a mistake she owns it and is always showing that life isn’t perfect all time.

Phone in drawer days is a concept I personally think more people should adopt if they can. 

Although we miss her life updates when she is away, she has encouraged so many to once a week put down their phones and reassess a little bit of what is important, social media is a blessing and a curse and it’s healthy to take a break from that.


The grace and decorum she shows when dealing with trolling is commendable. 

Many say that when you have social media and post about your life that you open yourself up to trolling but no one deserves to be judged and like Stacey, we just don’t stand for it.

If you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say it.

The “Susan’s” that seem to flood her Instagram with negativity are not met with malice from Stacey, instead, they are to be overshadowed by a kill them with kindness mentality which we adore!

It’s rare to see nowadays someone that expresses genuine concern for their followers and engages with them - especially when there is so many! 

She often posts DMs from people sharing funny stories as well as hints and tips that we can all use.

Going on lockdown walks in her PJ’s and slippers is probably one of the most relatable things in the world to me when I’ve lived in loungewear for over a year and we are living for it. 

Lastly, it is a reminder that family, friends and love are way more important than material things and that you don’t need any money at all to make lasting memories. 

I feel like this lady is one of the most relatable, funny and kind-hearted people on the internet, who is an excellent role model for any young person out there.

To Stacey and people like her, please carry on being you and encouraging so many to embrace who they are too! 

What Instagram feeds have got you through lockdown? Let us know in the comments!

Written by VavaViolet’s writer, Jessica Murray


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