Thursday, 1 April 2021

Month of sex talk: 30 days from now your bedroom skills will be on point, promise | Editor's Letter

I'll be the first to hold my hands freely above my head and scream from the mountain tops how much I love a bloody good shag.

No shame here. Never has been and there never will be on VavaViolet Magazine.

Therefore, we are thrilled to say that in order to lift our spirits a bit, turn up the heat as lockdown lifts in the UK and as Hot Girl Summer commences the topic of April is... SEX!

Sex, cor where do I even begin? A broad conversation indeed. 

The first thing I want to say about sex, as the Founder of is how truly grateful I, and the team, are to live in the UK as we can talk about sex and its laws are very advanced compared to some places in the world. 

It would be wrong to spend a month talking about sexual intercourse without first addressing and giving awareness to how much of a knock it still has on the LGBTQ+ community in many countries. 

In some parts of this dark and twisted little planet, we call Earth are crimes punishable by death for being gay - still, in 2021... 

Such as in Iran where men having intercourse with one another has a maximum penalty of death.

In Brunei, where the jail sentence is ten years for being gay, the south-east Asian nation has recently implemented a strict new law that punishes male same-sex activity with "death by stoning".

Mauritania is, of course, also a place where any same-sexual activity could have you killed or imprisoned. 

Muslim men may receive a sentence of "death" usually conducted by "public stoning", while women may receive between three months and two years imprisonment, as well as a fine of 5,000 to 60,000 UM

Nigeria has also sadly joined the fold as several of its states have adopted Islamic Sharia laws.

Sharia laws completely criminalise sexual activity between people of the same sex. In many countries with these laws, men are tragically and barbarically killed for being merely who they are and loving who they can not help.

This is also the case in many other places, many at war, including Yemen. 

Therefore, it is affecting millions of people and killing thousands. 

It is not a small problem, it's a humanitarian crisis. 

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In other parts of the world sex and same-sex activities is a completely different story.

Such as in Amsterdam where prostitution in the Netherlands is legal and regulated. While there you can also watch a woman stick a banana up her vagina and go to orgies if you so wish.

London, if you're local, has some wicked sex clubs and all up and down the country, there are swanky (and very kinky) hotel rooms you can hire out - if you didn't know this, you're welcome.

You can walk down the street arm in arm without the fear of being arrested if you are in a same-sex couple.

So yes, sex... it's one hell of a conversation and one we will return to later this year (expect a month dedicated to all things LGBTQ+) but for April we want to focus on bettering your sex life!

Too often I hear of people settling in this department. Mainly women, sadly.

And yes, I am referring to things such as the orgasm gap - also known as orgasm inequality - which has been tested in many studies and found that, obviously, in the majority of heterosexual relationships the man orgasms a considerable amount compared to his female partner.

This is because of the stigma and belief by some men that women don't need to enjoy sex as much as they do - stupidity, to be honest.

Most straight women I listen to in relationships very rarely orgasm compared to their partner who will nut most times.

So, to help you with this ladies, and gentlemen as it's less common but women can be selfish too, I and the team have prepared lots of fun, cheeky and educational content this month to get you orgasming in the bedroom.

Quite frankly you deserve it if you're putting up with this shit...

Check back throughout April, it is most certainly one you are not going to want to miss!

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman.



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