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The Hot Girl Summer guide to finding c*ck or love without Tinder

Out of lockdown, we come as we fob off dating apps over the prospect of being able to meet people in person once again.

With 'Hot Girl Summer' being screamed down every street in the UK and appearing all over pop culture, it's no surprise that it is going to be an absolute pile-up of hook-ups and folk falling head over heels in love.

While this is all well and good, there is still the task at hand of actually finding someone who aligns or who you can have fun with.

Where can you find these people? How do you approach them? Do you even know what you're looking for?

Before we all go rushing out unprepared, here's how to find a neat little shag or the love of your life outside of lockdown! 

It's hard to find anything if you don't know what you're looking for so it's key to discover what it is you want to do in finding someone off and away from a dating app.

Get real with yourself and ask yourself, are you looking to experiment? Do you want to try something new with your sexuality? Maybe you want to date just off of apps? Or you're on a mission to find your special someone?

Discover what it is you truly want as only then will you ever be able to actually find it.

If you come to terms with the fact you want a few months to experiment and let your hair down out of lockdown, that's fine. This means you can let others know of your expectations and no feelings get hurt.

Or if you do want to seek love, you can ponder who and what that person looks like.

Then learn to manifest them into existence... 

Be brave and remember you have one life. If you want to meet new people, it often means going to new places.

Try not to be frightened or anxious by this and as much as you can, choose to see it as a fun and wacky adventure.

The only pressure being put on the situation is what you're putting on yourself, so take the time to remind yourself you're going to make it fun, then make it a ball!

For example, tell your friends the truth of why you want to go somewhere new as if they're good friends they will either agree that it's a marvellous idea or want to be by your side supporting you as a wing woman.

Get yourself some confident female friends too. They're the ones who can bring anyone back to the table for you.

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What we mean by this is this, men are typically less scared to approach a woman and ask her out.

This is because there is the common understanding of, 'If you don't ask, you don't get' and thus, men know if they don't, they don't get.

And we ladies need to adapt this approach more as it works absolute wonders. Really knocks a man's socks off if you do it, believe us.

Not only does it take the pressure off of them, but it really is just sexy as hell.

A woman who can hold her own, ask a man out and then either hand over her name and number or gracefully accept the rejection, is on to a winner.

Start paying attention to how guys ask women out or start up a conversation. You will notice it's always something extremely subtle such as complimenting their hair, shoes, etc so just do the same back.

The worse that can happen is they will reject you, you don't have to ever see them again and you can be proud of yourself that you had the guts to even try!

This is one we're certain even the boys know about by now.

Don't get us wrong, most times women are uploading selfies for themselves because they are feeling their outfit, makeup etc but sometimes it can be used to fish...

If the above tricks terrify you too much at the moment, then luring them in is perhaps more for you as then the guy can make the first move by entering your DMs.

Keep your caption short and witty is often best. Gives their minds something to work with if they have more of a brain than just replying with a love-struck emoji.

Also, if you are doubting you can take a sexy selfie, absolutely everybody can take a good selfie. It's about if you like the picture, not anybody else.

The best way to find cock, as we so boldly put it in the headline, is in truth to go on a girl's holiday.

A real messy one where you all agree it stays wherever the hell you were and will be spoken about at special occasions such as weddings only. 

They are trips you will never regret and you will always treasure the memories and laughs you shared with the girls even if you didn't get any dick!

Written by VavaViolet Magazine's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman


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