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5 examples that prove White Privilege is still rife in modern society

It's no secret that the majority of white people struggle to discuss the humanitarian crisis that is racism - and being able to avoid the conversation is the first example of what is known as White Privilege.

White Privilege, also known as white skin privilege, is the societal advantage that benefits white people over non-white people in most societies to this day. It is heightened when under the same economic, social or political circumstances. 

During a discussion conversing about race, it's common for the uproar to commence when WP is mentioned as some white folk get awkward and defensive over the matter - even debating its clear existence - usually down to the fact they are tapping into it, perhaps without even realising, feel guilty, embarrassed or concerned that their racist tendencies are showing. 

Despite the fact, slavery existed and the chilling statistics, and even live footage, of the Black community, being gunned down by cops in the USA while terrorist organises such as the KKK - the clowns who wear white hoods - merrily continue their preaching of violence and intimidation as a means to defend its white supremacist ends instead of being chucked in prison, should be enough of an example to demonstrate that even in first-world countries such as America, we still have a crisis on our hands.

And that's just what's happening in a first-world country... 

If you are a white person reading this piece to educate yourself further the reason it is so important to have an understanding of how white privilege works is because we are the only race who can destroy it and to take something as large as systemic racism down, we need to collectively know how it works inside out so we can ironically use our white privilege to step in, make noise and raise awareness. 

These are just five examples however there are unfortunately many many more.

Here they are, to prove to you, or for you to send to someone during a debate, that white privilege very much still disgustingly lives on in the present day.

One of the most damaging stereotypes Black people face, and have throughout history over the last 400 years, is the association and blatant lie that Black folk are violent and aggressive.

It's an extremely damning association as it's completely untrue and has led to many fatalities in which innocent Black people have been killed by white folk who deemed them aggressive down to their skin colour when they were not being so.

According to data collected from Mapping Police Violence (MPV) in 2020, over 1,000 unarmed folk were killed by police between 2013 and 2019 in the USA - about a third of them were Black.

Compared to any other racial group, 17 per cent of the Black people killed by the cops were unarmed. It's important to note other than MPV, there is a peculiar lack of available government data on this topic. Funny that...

There is also the horrific fact that Black people are often portrayed as "brutes" or "thugs" in the press while for white criminals their positive past is often highlighted in the headline - great study demonstrating that problem here - From 'brute' to 'thug': the demonization and criminalization of unarmed Black male victims in America.

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking repercussions of racism still being so rife in our society is how it affects Black children.

From a young age, as young as nursery or daycare, they are introduced to racists and the society which upholds their bravery to be so blatantly racist and the fact the majority of their white peers have white privilege in their back pocket.

It's important to draw attention to this as, in our belief at VavaViolet Magazine, it's detrimental that a child is given fair advantages from a young age so they can thrive in this lifetime and it's our job as a society to make sure our next generation - who will care for us and our young - is kitted out to succeed from a young age. 

Black children are not, and have never been, treated fairly from day one of their educational journeys. 

A study released in 2019, conducted by Shoshana Jarvis, a doctoral research student in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and psychology professor Jason Okonofua, found that African American pupils are almost four times as likely to be suspended from school as Caucasians. 

Published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, researchers found among a sample of headteachers and assistant heads were more likely to see them as "trouble makers".

The study also concluded that Black children were more likely to suffer from long-term financial consequences due to their treatment in school - this is tragically a perfect example of white Privilege being used to uphold its viscous belief that white people are more deserving of leaving poverty which is a whole issue and topic by itself. 

Want to educate yourself further on systemic racism? Why not check out:

- Freedom, liberation and justice is the least we can give the Black community | Editor's Letter: Month of Black Lives Matter awareness

- Edward Colston was a slave trader and a killer and his statue deserved to get f*cked up | Opinion

Not only are Black children subjected to have a harder start to life based on the colour of their skin but unlike white folk, they do not have the advantage of learning about their race while on the school clock.

Unfortunately in many schools across the globe ethnic studies are not even an elective choice for pupils to be able to pick. It's not even offered. 

Thankfully educators and activists such as Jose Del Barrio are fighting for lessons in ethnic studies to become available to students.

To help put into perspective the problem is even the subject becoming an elective instead of being in the core curriculum, here's an insightful point of view by Barrio.

Barrio said during a motivational talk striving for change and awareness: "White Privilege is your history being part of the core curriculum and mine being taught as an elective."

Unless you're a hooligan if you're white we would bet you everything we have that you have mostly a positive relationship with your authorities such as the cops.

When walking past one on the street you won't fear for them suddenly searching you for no real good reason, you're more unlikely to be penalised over petty crimes and it certainly won't end in an altercation with the fatality of your life following a gunshot.

For the Black community, this is a fear they have all their life - especially in the USA, as seen when police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

As many brave souls have come forward to tragically reveal in a bid to paint the realistic portrait of the extent of the problem, many Black parents have stated they have to have conversations with their young children about how they act around the police.

This is not the fault of the parents or the Black community but at ours for not banishing racism for good sooner as no child should fear the police but see them as protectors, as they should be.

Returning to the realities of how Black children face discrimination from birth, think about this, growing up how many children's books or shows featured Black kids? Taking a while to think of an example, isn't it?

This is because there are an overwhelming representation of white children in books for that age group (and all age groups, to be honest) but it is, of course, most important for children to feel included from a young age.

Tragically it leads to many heartbreaking conversations among the Black community as their children notice the oppression and question why there is never anyone who looks like them. 

It understandably paints a narrative in their mind that they are different as they are treated as such, even when picking up books to learn.

So the next time someone attempts to argue, 'White Privilege does not exist,' perhaps send them a link to this article to demonstrate to them how foolish and naive they are.

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman


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