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6 petitions to reopen cases of Black people who were murdered and never got justice


Change may not happen overnight, but we can all help in a matter of seconds by signing a petition - as hundreds have proved to work in order to make an effective switch in society.

Following the news of Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction regarding George Floyd’s untimely death in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there’s been mounting pressure for other cases to reopen for Black people that have wrongly died, and been let down by a justice system that did anything but bring them and their families justice.

A lot of us have asked and pondered, what we can do to help the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and while it may not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things, getting petitions to the amount required for cases to be reopened is actually the best place we can all start.

It's a simple yet effective way we can all hold systemic racism to account. 

For people who are no longer among us, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Darrien Hunt, and many many more, by reopening their cases we have the chance to provide their family with justice and to show to the world that racism is no longer tolerated - even at a government level.

The change starts with you. 

Here are six petitions you can sign in a matter of seconds to reopen cases where Black people were murdered, and the case (we all know why) ceased to become a priority for officers and hence, they need reopening immediately. 

A staggering 1,500,000 signatures are needed for a petition regarding Sandra Bland’s case. 

On July 10, 2015, she was arrested for a minor traffic stop by officer Brian Encinia and died in her cell three days later at the age of 28.

Her death was ruled a suicide, as it was stated by officers she was found hanging in the jail cell in Waller County, Texas.

Following her death, the news of Sandra Bland went viral when her mugshot appeared in the press and within hours thousands of disturbing questions were raised over the chilling photograph.

Very little is actually known about her death, hence the need for the case to be reopened, but what we do know is the press and the public began questioning if Sandra was already dead when her mugshot was taken.

Many began questioning why she was wearing an orange jumpsuit in the photo while other inmates from Waller County jail were pictured wearing the street clothes they were arrested in theirs.

The pressure began to mount as thousands of people quizzed why her locks of hair look as if they are falling back towards the wall. In many photos of Sandra sporting the exact same hairstyle, when she stands the locks hang straight down her face, not as if they are leaning on what's behind her.

Skin specialists even commented that the muscle, fat and skin in her face appear to be falling in a backwards fashion.

Others also noted her eyes appear to be unfocused and "dead". 

Many famous faces have also questioned the mugshot and the surrounding mysterious aspects of Sandra's death.

Kim Kardashian has previously tweeted on the matter: "#WhatHappenedToSandraBland We need answers!!!! This is NOT ok! This is all shady! They need to own up to this & tell the truth!"

To sign the petition to reopen the case into Sandra's death, please sign here -

People are calling for justice for Trayvon Martin who was murdered and his killer walked scot-free.

While walking around a neighbourhood on February 26th, 2012, he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. 

In court, Zimmerman never had to take the witness stand, and although he was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter, he was acquitted of all charges and walked free. 

He later auctioned off the gun he shot Trayvon Martin with for over $100,000. 

In a head-scratching, utterly bizarre move, Zimmerman is currently trying to sue the Martin family for defamation. The audacity when it is home who should be rotting in jail.

To help the Martin family see justice, please sign here -

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Thousands are taking to the internet and asking for Kenneka Jenkins case to be re-opened after she was found dead in a freezer in Crowne Plaza Hotel in 2017. 

The petition, which is asking for 500,000 signatures, stated that the hotel’s surveillance footage appears to have been manipulated, and no rape test or fingerprints were taken. 

Kenneka was found with her breasts exposed, trousers pulled down and her pockets had been pulled out as if someone had rooted through them.

Sign the petition to give the family some much-needed answers here -

Danroy 'DJ' Henry’s unlawful death has seen Rihanna and Jay Z sign the petition to have his case reopened. 

In 2010, the football player and junior at Pace University was celebrating a team win at a bar.

After exiting the venue, he was asked by police officer Aaron Hess to move his car out of the fire lane at the front of the bar. 

DJ complied and was moving out of the spot when Aaron Hess shot him, took him out of his car, handcuffed him and laid him on the ground and left him there to die. 

Hess has not been charged and was named Officer of the Year mere months later.

There is still no justice for DJ. Please sign the petition here -

In 2014, Darrien Hunt was killed for cos-playing with a fake sword he bought for $30 at a local store in the Saratoga Springs area. 

Officers Cpl. Matthew Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson chased him and shot him from behind six times. 

The evidence was caught on the restaurant’s cameras and the autopsy revealed Darrien was not attacking. 

The Utah County Attorney's Office, however, ruled the shooting was justified, saying Schauerhamer and Judson "felt their lives were threatened by Darrien Hunt".

Darrien was carrying a toy sword. 

To sign the petition to reopen his case, please visit -

Brayla Stone, a young Black transgender woman, was found dead in her car on June 25 in Arkansas.

According to the petition, which is not too far off gaining 1,000,000 signatures, Brayla was killed by a transphobic man who later bragged about her murder on social media, stating he was payed "$5,000 dollars for the crime". 

People are asking for a thorough investigation as one was never conducted by authorities which is beyond horrific as she and her family deserve the truth and justice.

To sign please visit here -

Written by Alicia Grimshaw. 


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