Thursday, 13 May 2021

One women's experiment with erotic fiction led to what you would not quite expect

Erotic fiction, ever wondered if it will tickle the spot? VavaViolet's Jessica Murray has trialled and tested the raunchy genre to see if it really can get you hot and heavy.

When the Fifty Shades of Grey movies came out in 2015 it sparked a huge rise in the sale of erotic fiction. The movies alone made over £1 billion.

Some say that reading these tales of naughty antics really get them going however many are embarrassed by just the thought. Even though many are shy about the topic, the intrigue means that they often outsell many other fiction genres. 

I’ve never been a lover of watching porn or any of the hyped-up erotic movies so maybe reading it would be a little different, I thought to myself as I decided to test it out for the sake of journalism. 

The readership behind erotic fiction is predominantly women by a staggering majority of 84%, but why exactly are these books so popular? To find out I decided to read a few...

Far too embarrassed to venture into a book shop and buy one over the counter I browsed through the erotica section of iBooks and was surprised by how many were ranked in the top 100.  

As I scrolled I found that many of these books were more like short stories as opposed to the novels I am used to reading. 

I’m a fairly fast reader and therefore by the time the plot had approached its 'climax' it was already ending which I found fairly boring as what was I supposed to do with the other 56 mins of the hour I had set aside, so I read some more...

In general, the plots were unrealistic, the people ridiculously perfect and the ways in which they met made me laugh more than they made me excited, but in a strange way, I could kind of see the appeal.

It was more of a situation where you take yourself out of your own life and look into the eyes of someone else’s as opposed to being able to apply it to something that would potentially have happened to you. I guess this is where people get this thrill from - the imagination.

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To be honest, a lot of the stories took me back to when my friends used to joke about 80s pornos where the plumber would be coming round to fix the leaking tap and therefore it was customary to wear the least clothes possible. 

While some understandably find the above hot, my mind can't help but be more interested in stopping the leak?

So the point of reading any novel is to take your mind to a different world but for erotic fiction, it just sadly did not work for me.

Perhaps I'm cynical, however, I was brought up with the mentality that if something is too good to be true, it usually is, so the man of my dreams walking in to fix my tap and then us humping on the kitchen table has never really been at the forefront of my mind. 

One of the greatest annoyances I had while reading was that all these books seem to have one type of woman in mind... your stereotypical model, as opposed to real women. I mean, firstly if my partner wanted to throw me onto the kitchen table for a quickie, I would be snapping it in two. Actually, to be honest, he probably wouldn’t have even been able to lift me off the ground in the first place. 

What I found throughout my reading was the way in which women are often portrayed as weak and feeble and that the man is the dominant one and he has all the control. Personally, I feel like as women we are far more liberated these days and we don't all have the same kinks. 

It’s more than okay for women to enjoy sex and in these kinds of books, I don’t feel like it depicts that - or at least the ones I read.

In the books, it portrays that for a woman to enjoy her sexual experience she must be swept off her feet by some dashingly handsome man that is going to teach her everything he knew, but what’s to say that she didn’t know more than he did!

So, in the long and short of it, I’m not the biggest fan however, I can understand the appeal if you get turned on by using your imagination but for me, I am far too practical to find these kinds of tales anything but a dull short story.

Written by VavaViolet's writer, Jessica Murray



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