Sunday 4 July 2021

5 creative ways to make your sex life come alive - and they won't cost you a penny

As vaccines roll out more and more we have returned to the wonders of being able to legally fumble around and retreat to our partner's beds after months of being apart.

Lots of us are busy getting in as much shagging as humanly possible as we make up for lost time and with that, it can come to burnout, sex can get repetitive real fast. 

The sex industry is also worth billions and with the only real decent sex toys costing you £150+ (if you want to invest, we highly recommend Lelo), it can be a tedious task to find ways to spice up your sex life for free. 

Saying this, there are actually many creative ways you can add some flavour to your sex with no price tag attached whatsoever. 

Here are five ways to put some heat back in the bedroom...

Forget dating apps, it's all about the apps made for us freaks wanting to explore their sexual fantasies in a safe place with a partner, friends with benefits or a hook-up. 

After rooting around like her life depended on it for a good app to have fun with a partner on, our Editor-in-Chief Sophie came across the handy little free app that is Kindu

Kindu is perfect for those who want to make changes in the bedroom but are too scared/nervous to talk to their partner about trying new things or if you need some ideas to get freaky with it it's great for motivation.

The app works by giving you and your partner a deck of sexual questions to answer, with questions such as 'Are you interested in bringing food into the bedroom?', 'Interested in roleplaying?' and many many more. 

The idea is you and your partner separately answer on your own accounts and if you, for example, both say yes to wanting to try to role-play, will get a notification basically saying you and your partner have a match and both want to try that activity. If you said yes to role-play and your partner said no, neither of you are informed and it stays private - so if you're worried about your fantasies being rejected, don't be. 

You can also anonymously create an entry of a question yourself. So say you have a fantasy, you can write the question and it will get sent to your partner's deck of questions to answer but they won't know it is your suggestion unless you decide to tell them yourself if you get a match for it.

When you get a match you then get the thrill of discovering there is something new you have in common that you want to try and it certainly adds some flavour to your bedroom antics. 

All your matches are also kept in a neat little folder so when it comes down to sexy time you can both just look at them and see what you want to try that day.

You're already paying your phone bill regardless so you might as well get your money worth and use it to send flirtatious and raunchy messages during the day to get your partner hot and heavy and revving to go once they get home - if you want to, of course.

Not only will this spice up the main drags of being sat behind a desk all day, but it also improves your creativity and makes you more open about both your fantasies and desires. 

By saying something over text sometimes it feels safer than saying it in person so use it as a time to tell your partner what you like and hey, get your writing head-on and turn it into a lil bit of erotic fiction for them - attach pictures to go with if you feel comfortable doing so.

With sexting, you also have the chance to get super creative with it. Think of it as a virtual role-play and become and say whatever you think your partner will be dying to hear you say. If you're scared to talk dirty during the act this is a great place to start and build confidence. 

It's also a really neat way to tease the living daylight out of your partner while they're at work...

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It may sound simple but how are you going to know what you like and enjoy unless you try it? 

Stimulating yourself allows you to connect and understand wholly what works for you, this can then be used when in conjunction with someone else watching to make a truly magical experience. 

It allows you to focus on what you enjoy and avoids the awkwardness and worry about "pleasing" the other person because the only person you’re trying to help is yourself, but they are still getting something from it too.

If you want to spice your performance up as you show your partner what you like, you could tie them up or ban them from touching you as they watch - as they will be dying too! 

A cheap and extremely simple (as you likely already have some on your bed) way to spice up missionary and many positions are just by using the pillows from your bed! 

Stack a few pillows underneath your bum before your partner enters, not only does it change the angle it also allows for deeper penetration. 

You can also use them in doggy. The more you stack and then lean on, the deeper it will feel, ladies - and gents!

You may have read Sophie’s recent article about 'Coregasm Hell' so why not give it a go yourself.

Have a small workout, a walk/run or even a hardcore gym trip and when you get your endorphins going channel them and follow that up with a sexy workout of your own with your partner. 

It doesn’t have to cost a penny, just a brisk walk around the block can be enough to get your muscles working if you're not used to regular exercise... our advice is just to remember to stretch! 

Then you can either enjoy a sweaty romp together or freshen up together in the shower...

By Sophie Blackman.



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