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10 simple things to do to up your self-development if you're struggling

When working on your self-development you will see more success if you let it become second nature and part of a lifestyle change, nonetheless, this takes time and baby steps. 

By changing our way of thinking the human potential has no limits.

There are many ways that everyone can self-improve when it comes to personal growth - even those who are advocates and experts. 

Some steps on the journey to becoming self-aware are big but there are some small things that you can implement to make a huge difference.

By starting with baby steps, you can later take leaps. 

If you're struggling to get the journey going, we recommend starting with the following 10 tips:

Everyone has them, but it is how to deal with them that is key. 

Through understanding, acknowledgement, and using a variety of techniques you can alter them into positive quirks as opposed to flaws. 

One way to do this is to make a list; What do you think your flaws are? Can you work on them easily? What needs addressing? And then working through this one step at a time. 

Another thing to remember is this should be a positive experience and therefore ensure that you approach this with self-love as opposed to a self-loathing perspective, it is about improvement, not self-deformation of your character.

You can never be too kind to someone you never know what people are going through so channelling your positive qualities such as patience, compassion and love can help improve them. 

Many believe in the mantra "treat others how you would like to be treated" so spread positivity to those around you and the theory is that it will come back to you. 

Also notice how behaving kindly towards others should increase your own optimism and gratefulness.

Most people have some unhappiness that stems from their past. 

It has happened and now there is nothing that can be done to change it and to improve moving forward it is something you must let go of. 

You will move forward much quicker if you don’t have weight pulling you back. 

Also sometimes forgiving yourself for a past mistake is just as important as forgetting someone else.

Sometimes avoiding negativity can be nearly impossible. 

Just remember if you are constantly surrounded by something it will have an impact on you so try to avoid or greatly limit the amount of time you spend with them. 

In life sadly there are places that you cannot avoid negative people for example at work, so this is where you need to use methods to come to terms with it.

Such as taking a walk on your lunch break to get away, instead of sitting at your desk.

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Make a list of questions as well as set aspirations and goals within a time frame for yourself. 

Once you have written it seel and store it somewhere safe and set a reminder to open it. 

It can be useful to do this for both long and short periods of time for example 1 month to 5 years. 

It gives you something to focus on and a vision for what kind of person you want to be when you open that letter.

Be it spiders or public speaking, heights of the dark so many people have fears. 

You cannot improve if you have fears holding you back so conquer them to help yourself see that they are not all that scary. 

Facing your fears gives you an opportunity to grow and reflect on areas in your life where you are less confident. 

The adrenaline rush from facing fear is a feeling you can hold onto and use to propel yourself forward when you are struggling with a negative mindset.

It is proved that by waking up early you have a better quality of life and increased productivity. 

You have more "awake" time to dedicate to tasks, therefore, making you feel less stressed. 

It is acknowledged by many experts that absorbing the sunlight in the early hours helps your brain to engage and become more active. 

This also gives you more time to dedicate to your journey with self-improvement by taking some relaxation time first thing in the morning if you want to - there's no rule book.

By reading you absorb information in a different way - it goes deeper into your conscious. 

The more you read the larger your wealth of knowledge becomes which in turn increases your confidence. 

There are many books that you can read to aid your self-improvement journey. 

See the article "8 self-help books that aren’t complete sh*t and can actually help you" for a selection of our favourites. 

The more exposure you have the wiser you become.

Learning from others is a great way to look at self-development in both a positive and negative light. 

Look at those who you admire and inspire you and work towards acquiring the qualities they have that you want for yourself. 

Then look at those you don’t like as much to discover what qualities it is that they have that you dislike and try to avoid them. 

Make sure you surround yourself with the positivity and development you seek for yourself as opposed to the negativity.

And don't forget, you're learning from others, not comparing yourself to them.

It is an important part of the self-improvement journey to recognise when enough is enough and a break is needed. 

Scheduling downtime for yourself is extremely important. 

By relaxing you are charging yourself up for what is ahead. 

Just think of it as you cannot drive a car without fuel, you cannot propel forward with change if you are exhausted.

Written by Jessica Murray.


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