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13 chilling real-life horror stories that actually happened on Friday 13th

Today is, for some, a normal day however for others the bone-chilling fact that it's a Friday 13th is on their mind. 

Throughout history, people have believed superstitions that the day is 'cursed' and is guaranteed to give all bad luck whether small or large.

While many people believe it is just a conspiracy theory, there is no doubt some major and horrifying horrific events have gone down on a Friday 13th.

From the Knights Templar massacre to historic storms killing half a million people, here are 13 of the creepiest events and occurrences to go down on the fateful date. 

Tragically over 200 people died on Friday, October 13th in 1972 following two major plane crashes. 

One of the large aircraft was carrying an Uruguayan rugby team. 

The other, a larger plane flying from Paris to Moscow, resulted in the death of everyone on board. On the plane hosting the sports team, 28 people survived. 

It resulted in a death toll from both crashes of more than 200 people.

Most spooky of all, all 14 survivors of the Moscow aircraft were found two months later - and had eaten the human flesh of 31 crew members and passengers that had died.

Friday 13th is also known for its odd natural freak occurrences. 

A particularly famous one occurred on Friday, January 13th in 1939, in Australia, Victoria. 

On the date, known as The Black Friday Bush Fires, a chaotic and deadly blaze killed 71 people during its uncontrollable rampage. 

Over 4 million acres of land was burnt to the ground and much of the wildlife was killed.

A few famous faces have surprisingly died on this 'cursed' date but the most memorable was Tupac Shakur. 

On September, 7th in 1996, a white Cadillac pulled up next to the rapper as he was walking and opened fire.

Tupac was shot four times and rushed to the hospital where he rapidly lost consciousness.

He underwent a number of emergency surgeries but was placed into a medically induced coma.

Famously he was pronounced dead on Friday, September 13, in 1996.

According to the cop who was sat next to him, in his last dying breathes he said: "Fuck you."

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the start of the recession that occurred in the USA in the 1990s began on a Friday 13th.

On Friday, October 13th in 1989, Wall Street was hit by a mini-crash.

This, referred to as Black Friday, caused the Dow Jones market to fall nearly 7% in just one afternoon. 

Chillingly since CNBC has reported: "There have been five Friday the 13ths in March and they have been pretty negative for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index, according to Kensho, a quantitative analysis tool used by hedge funds."

If you ever wondered if one has ever come true on a Friday the 13th, it has.

On August, 13th in 1976, a New Yorker man called Daz Baxter suffered a frightening and fatal end.

After a day of bad luck, he reportedly told friends and family he was going to stay in bed to ward off the negative energy. 

Horrifyingly, his apartment floor then collapsed and he fell six storeys to his death.

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Spookily the deadliest ever tropical cyclone in history struck Bangladesh on a Friday 13th of all days.

On November 11th the storm began and by Friday 13th it had turned into a cyclonic storm and killed over half a million people.

Most died after much of the land was flooded in Bangladesh and India's West Bengal.

In the most severely affected Upazila, Tazumuddin, over 45% of the population of 167,000 was killed by the storm.

It's not unheard of to have a bit of snow gracing the streets of New York City but on one Friday the 13th, it eerily resulted in the deaths of three people.

The freak storm hit on Friday, October 13, in 2006, and saw 22 inches of snow coat the Big Apple.

Almost one million people lost power during the unexpected blizzard known as the Buffalo storm.

Officials attributed three deaths to the storm. 

Two died in automobile accidents, and a third was struck by a falling branch.

Now, it's not unheard of to be struck by lightning, although very unlucky it is possible.

Nonetheless, there's one particular part of this story that will leave the hairs standing up on your body.

At the Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival in England on Friday 13th in 2010, a young boy was hit by lightning. 

He survived the horrific ordeal but oddly he was 13-years-old at the time and was struck at 13.13pm...

Over 30 people on January, Friday 13th in 2010, after a luxury cruise ship went aground off Italy's coast.

It killed 32 crew members and passengers and leftover 4,000 people forced to evacuate the doomed ship.

Tragically, the Costa Concordia cruise ship capsized at around 10pm.

As well as weird and horrific nightmares coming true on Friday the 13th, studies have also found some creepy results out.

In 1993, the British Medical Journal concluded that oddly, the likelihood of winding up in the hospital from a car crash rose 52 per cent on Friday the 13th.

Most frightened, in its abstract, it states: "Staying at home is recommended."

A bit of history for you... it was on Friday, October 13, that the horrific historical event known as The Knights Templar went down. 

The Knights Templar was an order enforced by the Roman Catholic Church - to unjustly burn hundreds of soldiers to death. 

These skilled and loyal knights were ordered to protect the pilgrims on their journey to the Holy Land of Jerusalem. 

On a Friday 13th history was made when King Philip IV of France ordered for hundreds of those knights to be arrested under false accusation. 

Out of his sick personal interests, he murdered hundreds of them.

Creepily, it was reported that the head of the Templar cursed the Pope and the King. 

It's recorded that they both died mysteriously within a year of the massacre. 

One of the most ironic and spooky tales you will ever read is this one.

While a myth, as The Royal Navy Museum has denied the existence of the ship, it is said that on a Friday 13th in the 19th century the British Navy wanted to test the theory.

It's said that in a bid to dismiss the superstition surrounding the date that they dispatched a ship called H.M.S.

The H.M.S, according to stories, vanished into thin air and was never seen or heard from again along with its crew.

It's a tale that goes back to the 1800s and was reportedly under the command of Captain James Friday who wanted to prove it was not unlucky to dispatch on a Friday 13th.

On September, Friday 13, 1940, during the Blitz of World War II, Buckingham Palace was bombed by the Nazis.

The Nazis dropped five bombs on the British landmark home to our royalty. 

They hit the palace itself and its chapel.

At the time of the attack, Queen Elizabeth and King George VI were both at the residence having tea.

One person was killed in the bombing and three were injured.  

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman


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