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5 ways to make your home a positive and productive place to be

Here at VavaViolet Magazine, we are firm believers in the Law of Attraction, positive manifestation and the study of neuroscience.   

We believe that this should extend not only physically and emotionally but out to your environment too.

Being in a positive space can help you to focus and shape your manifestations. 

Like attracts like and you cant positively manifest your perfect life and dreams whilst surrounded by negativity.

So here are a few of our top tips for keeping your home a positive place:

There is nothing more stressful than unnecessary mess as this leads to stress and they are both positive energy killers! 

Not only can largely cluttered areas be hazardous and unpleasant, but they can also build up quickly and easily become unmanageable. 

Commonly used areas such as bedside tables and coffee tables should be kept clear of clutter and replaced with more valuable or aesthetically pleasing items such as flowers, photographs or a statement ornament. 

Decluttering can be overwhelming so focusing on small areas at a time for example the wardrobe or a room can make you feel more positive and inspire you to do more. 

You could also have one place like a single drawer where all items that don’t have a specific place yet can be stored and then this can be looked at once a month leaving you with only one cluttered area which is so satisfying when sorted. 

Sentimental items that you hold on to but don’t necessarily want out or seasonal items can be put into storage but limit yourself, all too quickly the items you are keeping for the what-ifs and rainy days can become too much. 

Before storing something away, seriously consider whether or not you are ever going to use it or whether it would be more beneficial to another person. 

Charity shops are a great place to get rid of unwanted items as they can be picked up by those who really need them for a fraction of the price, and you are doing your bit for charity. Win-win!

Natural light is a wonderful thing and it boosts your vitamin D so try to set up a room where it can benefit from as much natural light as possible. 

Placing a bird feeder outside can encourage you to look out more as you spot new species and there is something so therapeutic about birdsong too. 

Another way to bring nature into your home is through plants and flowers. 

Not only do plants improve air quality, but it is also proven that they can improve your mental state. 

By putting these in your home they also look pretty and give you a sense of responsibility to look after something other than yourself. 

If you're forgetful or not green-fingered opt for easy to care for species of succulents like Cactus that don’t require much looking after, this also works well in busy homes and can be small enough to sit on a window sill taking up barely any room at all. 

Flowers such as orchids have beautiful blooms and they flower regularly every few months so there is always something to look forward to making a space feel happier and more positive.

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Changes to your senses in a positive way can mentally stimulate you into tranquillity.

Simple visual changes such as the colour of sofa cushions or a blind can make a space feel vibrant and new as well as drawing the eye to a focal point. 

Seasonal changes as well such as the addition of blankets or throws in the winter can make your home feel more comforting and cosy. 

Art is another great visual way of personalising a space and making it more like your own, you can pick up pieces cheaply or even for free and they can change with your mood. 

Music is another easy way to change the mood in your home as well as being a good stress reliever. It overwhelms your senses and can be easily altered to suit your needs. 

It doesn’t need to feel like a concert, just play your music in the background and you will feel rested in no time. 

The scent is an excellent way to make you feel comfortable too and there is nothing more pleasant than entering somewhere that smells great, it positively overwhelms your senses. 

This can be done by the use of wax melt burners, candles or even baking or cooking something you like (the plus side of this is that you get to eat it afterwards). 

Have a space within your home that you can dedicate to using your time to work on your dreams, be that through the manifestation of the Law of Attraction. 

Have this as a comfortable yet functional area and go there to be creative. 

Vision boards can be a great way to visualise your dreams and goals, and they can be sized to fit any space and can contain anything your heart desires. 

In some more elaborate larger spaces, you can set up a tray or shelf with items that physically represent your goals for example it could contain a model of your dream car, a photo of your dream house or the advert for your dream job. 

This place no matter where it is should make you feel confident and positive about the future. 

It should be a place where you subconsciously take yourself when working hard at achieving your dreams or creating new ones.

Don't be scared to also have a section to showcase your success. As senior therapist Sally Baker advised in our recent article, Ditch imposter syndrome and prove yourself wrong because that's all that matters | Editor's letter, it helps to build your confidence and keep imposter syndrome at bay by looking back at what you have achieved. 

According to Feng Shui, certain colours are linked to particular emotions. 

To boost positivity in your home remove dark and neutral tones as they may lower your energy levels and cause you to feel sadder. 

Paint colour, patterns and accessories can all be subtle ways of boosting colour and delivering happiness. 

Yellow is a happy colour as you subconsciously connect it with the sun and blue the ocean. 

By having even one item in a more neutral area you can boost the mood in a house. 

This can easily go the other way though and colours can clash causing a more negative emotional response, therefore to stay positive it should be more balanced.

Having positive energy in the home is important in all settings. 

Making a room feel happier and brighter improves your mental wellbeing. 

Fortunately, by just following one or two of these tips you will start to see an improvement in the mood of your space.

Written by Jessica Murray.


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