Sunday 15 August 2021

How to succeed with dating apps, according to the UK's leading dating expert James Preece

EXCLUSIVE: If you want to take dating apps seriously and use your time effectively, James Preece a Dating Coach of 16 years has all the answers...

As a Dating Coach who has helped celebrities find love, I know that many people and absolutely anyone can struggle to find matches online. 

However, if you follow my tips, you can see a dramatic improvement.

From making it count to moving to phone calls quicker, here are my five top tips...

If you want to be noticed, then you must make an effort. 

Most people write a few lines in their profile to get it over and done with and add some random photos from their phone. 

If you want to stand out, write an interesting profile that makes you sound fun to be with. 

Avoid generic phrases and get them hooked. 

With your photos, get some more professional looking ones in the mix so, it's easier for singles to start conversations with you.

While it can be good for your ego, there's no point swiping endlessly to get matches. 

If you do then you'll miss the good ones as you don't give them enough consideration.  

Search until you have five or six people that you are in contact with.  

Focus on them and respond relatively quickly while the interest is there. That's perfectly


You can replace them one at a time as you eliminate them, or the chats go stale.

When you are on the site, you have privacy, anonymity, and safety.  

You can message someone and simply block them if you don't like them. 

The second you swap numbers and message "off-site" then you lose all that.

So, if you are going to swap numbers, then have a phone call instead. WhatsApp is fine once you've met but you don't need to use it until then.

Once you've built up some trust on the site then you should move quickly to a phone call. 

That way you can work out if they are worth working on and engaging with further. 

If they won't call you then they are probably never going to meet you. 

A short call can help you decide if you want to meet them. 

It stops people from flaking and also helps you bond more quickly when you do meet.

I always recommend going for drinks on a first date as it's romantic but not high pressure. 

Ninety minutes is the optimum time to spend together. 

That way if you don't like them you aren't stuck with them and if you do then you'll be excited to meet up again very soon.

Just say you are busy with work but would love to meet up for a quick drink. 

They'll feel flattered that you are making time for them and also a little relieved that they won't get stuck with you if they aren't keen too!

Written by the UK's leading Dating Coach, James Preece.

PS: If you want Preece to help with your dating life one-on-one, check out his website here or his Instagram!


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