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The 7 senses of self-development explained: How they guarantee success

Arguably one of the most fulfilling paths to success comes through pursuing personal development. 

Many successful and happy people fully immerse themselves in self-development and are passionate about education and constantly improving. 

The experiences of both good and bad in life can shape the way you live; self-development is not about waiting for happiness or success to come but believing in yourself and making it happen by taking control of your mind and abilities. 

It is then about making a commitment to yourself.

To help you with this, there are seven senses of self-development, each of them is key to come to terms with for your own development.

The seven senses of self-development are:

A large part of self-improvement is knowing who you are and what you believe in. 

This can be through values and beliefs or a focus on what you want to achieve. 

Satisfaction can then come from pursuing those dreams. 

It is also about realising your worth as an individual and not letting others around you dictate your worth, and always follow what is important to you. 

Equally important is to remain open to learning and discovering.

Having a solid grip on who you are will only positively help you to achieve your goals and objectives.

It is important to always remain curious about possibilities in life and your future. 

Having an unquenchable thirst for your advancement and for adventure will bring you new experiences you're manifesting. 

Curiosity inspires you to push through the unusually painful trials and errors in your life, business, and learning. 

This inspires you to see all situations as an opportunity, without curiosity it is impossible to grow.

Look at where you want to go and start there. 

The more that you develop yourself the closer you come to achieving what it is that you want. 

When you are focused it allows you to have clearer judgment and makes decision making easier. 

Your prioritisation of tasks then improves, and you can look at both long time and short-term goals and what you need to do to get there. 

If something had no future or path it is hard to commit to it.

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Knowing what you want to achieve is one thing but getting there is another, even if a task is not enjoyable you persevere through it for want of the end goal. 

Seeing such tasks completed makes you feel more accomplished and motivates you to move forward. 

When you are committed, there will always be a way and the vision and incentive of that reward is what gets you there.

Urgency creates a healthy kind of panic and helps to create the mindset of working like your life depends on it. 

Urgency is intricately linked with spontaneity and can get you out of your routine or help when stuck in a rut! 

It motivates you to get results and continue to work quickly in the short term to get things done.

People in all aspects of life at one point or another will let you down. 

There are tough times but often rewards can come from them. 

One thing to keep in mind is that personal development will not just solve all of life’s problems, but it can help. 

Resiliency helps you to realise that no matter what happens, no matter how many times you fall, you will get back up again, no challenge is the end of the world. 

This also increases your belief that everything happens for a reason and your handwork will pay off.

Relationships can lift you up but equally, they can drag you down too. 

They can bring you to your goals or push you away from them, it is about recognising the partnerships that are worth investing in and those that are not. 

This allows you to be more resourceful and in the long run chose better relationships. 

Remember that the greatest relationship and the strongest one too should be the one that you have with yourself. 

Written by Jessica Murray


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