Wednesday 25 August 2021

The four types of love explained: From toxic to positive


We throw the word love around as if it is nothing, but it has the power to crumble our entire nervous system or set our world alight with blessings. 

For years Theologians and Philosophers have deeply explored the concept of love. Now Neuroscientists and Clinicians are starting to take a deeper look at the actual effect on us and our emotions. 

Because it has a massive impact on your entire life, even more than we think it does. Thus, we must spot those old toxic red flags and knowing the types of love helps.

Even as far back as the Ancient Greeks, the concept of love has been examined, and in doing so, they created four different words to describe what they believed to be the four types of love.

These are Eros, Agape, Philos and Storge. 

Here's what each one means:

Also, know as the addicting love. Eros is the kind of adoration that is sexual, passionate, and erotic. 

It is usually more focused on the need and sexual interactions and energy - hence its addicting nature. 

Experts reckon this kind of love isn't always good, especially if you're looking for a much deeper connection than lust. 

The sweet love, one where lovers have usually been together a while, and although it's not as mysterious and sexy anymore, there's still a loving relationship.

Philia is also known as the brotherly/sisterly love - not actual siblings, but the love we have for dear friends who feel as if they are family. 

Out of all the loves, it is suggested this one is the best for our health. 

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The love we talk about the least, yet it is one of the most important as it is the first we experience.

Storge is the love we know best from our parents. It is known as the most natural because it is instant usually - a real-life love at first sight.

It is the kind of love we can't help. Thus, some parents do not stop loving their children even if they carry out the most horrific acts. 

Agape is the love the Christian God has for us. 

Whether you believe it or not, Agape is also known and referred to as the love given but does not have to be returned - something many of us have sadly experienced. 

Buddhists also preach this kind of love as they believe it is the foundation to their health as they link it to forgiveness, happiness, and contentment, rather than being filled with hate for others they love. 

By Sophie Blackman.


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