Saturday, 4 September 2021

Crucial items to pack for a holiday: 20 must-haves for your suitcase

With the world beginning to open again in a traffic light system – a new era of travel is upon us after being cooped up for so long. 

Whilst exciting, many of us struggle to remember what to pack after not leaving the house for so long. 

Whether venturing overseas, staying local or visiting loved ones and friends, here is a list of 20 luggage essentials that are super important to remember as we come out of the global pandemic that is the coronavirus virus:


Passport and Travel Documents! 

If you are going abroad, you really aren't going anywhere without them.

Phone, charger and camera 

To capture the moments without running out of battery. 

Notebook and Pen 

Why not try to take as much of a break away from your phone as possible while away and instead write down any inspirational thoughts you have, record valid numbers or write down recommendations.

Antibacterial wipes, mask and hand sanitiser 

This is particularly important following the pandemic, and at hot spots such as airports, the price for such items goes up.

Just make sure it is more than 60% alcohol!!


Whether they are the newest Gucci's or a Primark special, these are needed for a trip away in the sun.

Not only for protection from UV rays but also to be super stylish!


Don't forget your tablets if you have an illness that doesn't change just because you're away. 

Also, paracetamol can be helpful for those unwanted headaches.


To enhance your already gorgeous glow, and it always feels extra boujee doing your makeup for the evening after a day of sunbathing. 

First aid kit 

The clumsy among us will know this comes in handy after tripping by the pool and grazing your knee after one too many Sangria's.


You can buy water when you get through security, but snacks are much cheaper if you bring them with you.

Spare underwear and socks 

Always take more than you need – accidents can happen, and luggage can be lost.

Have a spare in your hand luggage just in case.

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It's the worst forgetting them when all you want to do is put them in for a movie during the journey, some songs around the pool, or just to take some time away for yourself.

Extra bag for dirties 

Saves on having to wash everything you didn't wear when you get home and keeps your suitcase smelling fresh to separate your dirty from clean.


Despite not being outside too often for over a year, it's as important as ever to remember to keep topped up with some factor 30.

Clothes (obvs) 

Unless you are going to a naturist retreat, these will come in handy.


Why not take a book with you to enjoy as you sunbathe or for the journey?

Holidays are the ideal time to fit in some reading.

A clear sealable bag for your liquids  

That way, your products are visible and accessible, with no need to fumble around your suitcase to find them all.

Waterproof jacket 

Whether braving the Great British weather or venturing further afield, a little waterproof can always come in handy.


With COVID, many places no longer provide them even if they are all-inclusive, so don't forget to pack yours.

Miscellaneous bag 

The little bag of everything – from the odd plaster to a bobby pin, hair band to a hairbrush.

A little bag of all the things you often cannot find at home will be the go-to when you're looking for them.


Make sure they are comfortable, and if they are new, they have been worn in a bit.

There is nothing worse than blisters on the first day of the holiday.


And just like that, you are ready to go… 

What are your go-to travel essentials, and is there anything you just couldn't travel without? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Jessica Murray.


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