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10 of the scariest places to visit in the UK - Ancient Roman ruins to haunted countryside mansions

With Halloween fast around the corner, there are many notable places to visit for all things spooky and frightening. 

The UK has many haunted places, and its history is a thing of nightmares! 

Across the country, there are derelict castles in all four corners, to eerie cemeteries and old mansions that can be genuinely terrifying. 

These, in no particular order, are probably the most haunted that England have got to offer, and they are not for the faint-hearted.

Ten alleged witches were buried beneath the hill after being hung at Lancaster Castle.

The hill has become highly famous and featured on multiple TV shows, including Most Haunted. 

It is said that the spirits of the witches are all out for revenge after being put to death. 

The most famous is Alice Nutter, who was completely silent as she was found guilty of murder by witchcraft. 

Despite all of the haunting and creepy feelings, it is a lovely place to hike, and the views are amazing. 

This Tudor-era Castle was built in 1547. It is aptly named the "most haunted castle in the UK". 

Allegedly there are two ghostly tenants of the castle known as the "Blue Lady" and the "White Lady", who have tragic tales.

The Blue Lady is said to appear in the highest tower window attempting to lure in those walking by, whereas the White Lady is said to haunt the dungeons of the castle after she was imprisoned there by her jealous sister. 

As well as being grade 2 listed the castle can be rented out for weddings and other events, a new dimension for your magical day.

You may know this place because the old TV favourite "The Darling Buds of May" was filmed but it is said that it is completely overrun with ghosts! 

There is quite a list of different spirits inhabiting the place, from a small white dog to a phantom coach and horses. 

This has meant that the village is proud to be listed as "the most haunted village" in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Blickling Hill is a large estate with a grand stately home and was home to the Boleyn family, most famous for daughter Anne Boleyn married to Henry VIII. 

Sir John Fastolf of Caister built it in the 15th century. 

Five hundred years later, during World War II, it was used by the RAF as accommodation and a training ground for soldiers. 

It is said that the house is haunted by Sir Thomas Boleyn, who can be seen wandering around the grounds of the estate at dawn frantically. 

If you fancy a visit, it is open to the public and has over 500 acres of woodland. 

Just don't go walking before dawn, or you may bump into the ghost on your early morning stroll.

This Inn was built in the 12th century and ticks almost every box on the spooky checklist. 

The property was built on an ancient burial ground and boasted over 20 supernatural beings. 

It is infamous in the ghost hunting world and attracts hundreds of supernaturalists every year. 

One of the most notable spirits in the building is a little lost girl in the basement, who her mother killed, and she can be heard wailing into the night. 

Another is a male spirit that is renowned for pushing unsuspecting guests onto the beds. 

The site is no longer a pub but does host multiple paranormal investigations and open days. 

A nature reserve high in the Scottish Highlands and its rugged landscape makes it hauntingly beautiful. 

It has several bird species and is a popular spot for hikers and ramblers. However, it is not somewhere you would want to get lost in at night. 

The famous Glencoe Massacre of 1692 happened here where imposters, posing as friendly visitors, slit the throats of the Clan Macdonald whilst they slept. The story goes that many fled, and their souls live on in the woodland. 

This beautiful yet haunting landscape has been used in many films and is regarded as one of the most picturesque places in the Highlands.

Plas Mawr is an Elizabethan townhouse whose name translates as "Great Hall" and was built in 1585 costing £800, which is modern money is 16,000 days wages! 

This house also hosts a multitude of ghosts, including a little girl, a doctor and several cats whose mummified bodies were found under the floorboards during a restoration project. 

It is now a tourist attraction and is open all year round, and is meticulously preserved.

This was built during the 17th century and was once home to James I. 

During the Blitz in the Second World War, the estate suffered damage as an essential aircraft factory was located nearby.   

The ghost of Elizabeth Murray is still in the house, it is said, and she was known for being a ruthless and nasty character who allegedly poisoned one of her husbands. 

The property is now primarily used in film and television but is open to the public for tours. 

Let's hope no one runs into Elizabeth when she is having a bad day. 

It is a large park just to the city centre's north-east and is a hot spot for paranormal activity. 

Boggart is a local word meaning poltergeists, and it is said that several spirits live in the marshes and bogs here. 

Folklore says that the ghost here's favourite snack is children; luckily, none have been eaten lately. 

Many have claimed that their animals show unusual behaviour when here and can become agitated and spooked. 

Other visitors also claim to hear laughter echoing through the trees. 

Thankfully the park is closed at night, so no one is there late enough to find out what happens when the sun goes down.

Only one wall remains of the original building, although expected considering it was constructed in the 1090s.

It was restored in 1897 and took several years as ancient roman ruins were discovered on the grounds. 

It is said that a small group of Roman soldiers still haunt the ruins today, and people say they hear loud blasts of trumpets before a group of soldiers led by an officer on a horse emerge from the walls.

It too is open to the public, and people come from all over to look at the impressive gardens and collection of objects left behind by the previous owner, Frank Green.

Which places will you visit and who would you take with you? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Jessica Murray


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