Sunday 31 October 2021

5 Halloween-themed sex positions to try: New tricks to treats that will thrill

Whether you want to try a new trick or just give your partner a treat, Halloween is the perfect time to try something new. 

From the thrills that give you shivers to the ones that make your lust burn like the gates of hell, we have got you covered. 

So, grab hold of the broomstick, put your hand in the cauldron and just let all your inhibitions float away with these positions.

This position is perfect for awkward hookups and for the more self-conscious among us. 

Maybe the focus was on ripping each other's costumes off, or you just feel a lack of confidence when the costume mask comes off. 

This position means there is no need to make eye contact or even look the person in the face. Instead, you just have to ride until your heart's content. 

How to do it: Have your partner lay on their back and then straddle over them, ensuring that you face their feet. 

This gives you the prime position to control the tempo and speed just the way you like it. 

For added pleasure, circle your hips whilst in this position to add more stimulation.

After the ghostly vibe? Put an eye mask or something over your partner's eyes to cover them. Then their imagination can go wild. 

This is perfect for those who are eager for a quickie but may be tired or intoxicated. 

The Lazy Witch is more of a grinding situation than a thrust which may be better if you're feeling slightly nauseous from all the Halloween treats. 

It is perfect for skin-to-skin complete body contact.

How to do it: Both of you lay on your side facing the same way. 

Bring your knees up slightly to make it easier for your partner to slide up and enter you from behind. 

A top tip for this position is to make sure your pelvises are aligned rather than your heads, as the height difference can make this one difficult.  

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This position ensures that your partner hits the spot and is sure to cause some Halloween Howls! 

It is perfect for deep penetration and a lovely stretch. 

A more submissive position as your partner really has to take the lead and the control, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience – although we do recommend stretching before! 

How to do it: Lay on your back and have your partner raise your legs in the air. Then get them to use your hips to roll up onto the top of your back like a shoulder stand. 

Your partner can then aim down, getting a deep angle right at the g-spot. 

For an extra tingle, why not use restraints or handcuffs to heighten the experience.

Let's not forget it is Halloween, people, so if spooky screams can be heard coming from the bedroom, who cares! 

Lift your legs as high as you can, creating a V and watch an incredible story unfold. 

From oral to intercourse, this position is perfect for deep penetration and pleasure. 

You can get the bed rattling with this one, and it gives the freedom for some seriously intense thrusting.

How to do it: Get into basic missionary positions and raise your legs up and out in the shape of a V. 

Your partner can then come between your legs and have their wicked way with you. Hold onto your ankles for added stability, and the stretch can quickly boost the sensation.

There is a reason why doggy is one of the most popular sex positions. Its deep penetration is twinned with an element of control. Thus, it is a sexual basic that gives optimum pleasure. 

The Howler is a spin-off of this and aims to get you screaming louder than you ever have before.

How to do it: For the deepest of penetration, sit on your partner's lap facing away from them with your hands in front of you for added support. 

If they push up as you push down, and the thrusts are in time, you will be howling to the moon.

By Sophie Blackman.


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