Thursday 28 October 2021

69 freaky trick or treats to give your sex life a thrill this Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, there are so many ways to spice up your sex life with a variety of tricks or treats. Here are 69 ways to get your freak on this weekend...

Whether you want to Conjure up your inner Demon, mask up like Mike Myers or just give yourself a whole new kind of Goosebumps. Here are some of our top tips to spice up your sex life this Halloween!

Of course, all these acts must require consent from all participating. Yes is yes, and no is no. 

1. Ghoulish Vibrations 

Have you and your partner ever used a cock ring before? Then, why not experiment with this Halloween favourite. 

The ghost-themed design is easily cleanable, discreet, and perfect for the season. 

At only £9.99 from Love Honey UK, it makes it an absolute steal! (Halloween Gentle Ghost Vibrating Cock Ring - Lovehoney UK)

2. Sweet Treats 

With all of that leftover chocolate and candy, why not experiment with food play. 

Melt down some chocolate and let the fun begin.

3. Cute Costumes 

Who said costumes can only be worn on Halloween? So why not discuss your partner's fantasies and invest in a costume to spice things up. 

Although it has a cost, this can be used all year round… so go work that naughty nurse costume.

4. Try something new 

Every day should be an excuse to be adventurous, so why not explore something new this Halloween.

5. Full moon 

A full moon often unleashes the crazy side of life, so why not participate in some full moon rituals as it approaches. 

Take in the view by maybe trying sex under the stars, or if it's a bit cold, a car romp won't go a miss. 

6. BDSM 

Why not explore the darker side of fetishes in this spooky season. 

You don't have to be Christian Grey to pull it off. Try experimenting by wearing a little bit of latex or some bondage tape.

7. Sexy School Girl 

It is not quite the Halloween disco you remember from school. 

This one involves knee-high socks and considerably questionable skirt lengths, but why not experiment with this classic role-play character.

And yes, cheerleaders count too...

8. Time of the month 

Don't let a little bit of blood stop you from getting your freak on! 

Periods are natural, and if your partner is comfortable, why not experiment. 

If you are concerned about the mess, lay down some dark towels, this will disguise it and make it easy to clean up.

9. Wear a wig 

Release your inner Dolly Parton or become someone completely new a wig can change your whole look and encourage role-play.


10. Take my breath away 

There is no excuse for lousy breath, especially with oral sex-enhancing mints. 

Why not add them to your oral routine for a cool sensation giving them the ultimate kid of shivers.

11. Paint your costume 

Too spooky to leave the house? Why not experiment with edible body paint to create your outfit? 

Drawing them on your party can be a fun way to play, plus you get the bonus of licking it off after.

12. Drip drip...

Candles are a must-have for a homely feel and can transport you to any season and trigger memories, but why not try wax play? 

Read up about it first; don't just jump into this one if you've never done it before.

13. Wake and Bake 

Why not take the time to cook some delicious treats together (see our Haloween bakes article for inspiration) and awake your inner Hells Kitchen.

14. Halloween porn 

Why not watch some Halloween-themed porn together? 

It may cause you into a night of steamy passion or a night of hysterical laughter. Either way, you'll have a good time.


15. It's all about the mood 

Why not grab yourself a cheap fog machine to add to the ambience? 

You can also use it for other seasons or grab yourself a light that creates stars all over your ceiling. 

16. Oh, the candyman can 

Why not try a candy garter or edible underwear to spice up the mood? But, then, make it a challenge to have your partner remove it with only their mouth. 

17. Frozen Solid 

As a challenge for your senses, why not put your bed sheets in the wash or in the tumble dryer before you use them? The temperature changes will make you feel the chill of the afterlife or the heat of hell.

18. Mummy Massage 

Why not whip out the perfumed oils and let your hands do the talking? 

After the sensual touches, bound your partner up tightly. It will feel like a warm long-lasting hug.

19. Destroy the bedsheets 

A few manufacturers have created blood coloured lube to give your sex life that gory twist perfect for Halloween. 

This is bound to create a big mess, so be prepared!

20. Scary Cocktails 

Why not try drinking a homemade Halloween cocktail together to reduce your inhibitions a little. 

Sangria is easy to make, and it is Spanish for "Bloodletting".

21. Do it like the werewolves 

Why not grab yourself a bullet vibrator to try out that will leave your partner howling for more? They are discreet and can be picked up at most local supermarkets these days – and they are perfect for play on the go.

22. Why not do it like the animals do 

Have a night of pure passion exploring your animal fantasies, be it dressing up, digging your teeth in or pulling their hair. 

The raw nature will get you begging for more.

23. Make them jump 

Why not visit a haunted house or scare maze together? The adrenaline will have them jumping into your arms.

24. Hands-off approach 

Why not get your hands on a remote-control sex toy – this gives your partner all of the pleasure, but you have some of the control. 

They can be discreet and will make watching horror films with your partner much more thrilling.

25. Cuddle up 

Some people find it hard to watch scary movies, so this makes it a great excuse to cuddle up on the sofa and get you closer together.

26. Is it dark in here? 

Turn off all of the lights and focus on all of your other senses. 

This can bring a whole new dimension to an already spooky night and give you more confidence to be free.

27. Cream pie 

Have you got any cream leftover from making pumpkin pie? Why not use it on the more sensitive parts of your body and ask your partner to lick it off.

28. Fantasies 

What better night of the year than Halloween to explore the freaky or unnatural talk to your partner about things you want to try, respecting their boundaries, and giving it a go.

29. Get in the feels 

Make a Halloween Feel box and fill the container with different items to trigger your senses. 

Maybe they are cold, slimy or spiky. Put your hands in the box, work out the item, and then use it on your partner.

30. You've been jinxed 

A slightly more exciting punishment game. Have a list of words that you cannot say that is Halloween themed or/and are hard to avoid – have a little punishment/dare for any word you say.

31. Halloweaner 

Why not try something different by getting your partner to wear a penis sleeve. 

This can be bought in various sizes, shapes and colours, so there is one for everyone, whatever your fantasy.

32. Take it outside 

If you feel super risqué, why not do it in an abandoned building, woods or somewhere spooky.

This does come with its dangers, though, so always be careful that the pleasure doesn't override the safety.

33. Make it sexy 

For this one, you're really going to have to dig deep into the imagination.

Crack out your favourite horror film and make a role-play out of it.

Whether it's bringing BDSM (if you're new to it, research first and make sure you have a safe word) into the picture or getting freaky in the woods after watching Friday 13th, the creativity is in your hands. 

34. Netflix and thrill 

Put on some super scary horror movies and get down to it – make it that you can only scream or moan when something dangerous happens in the film. This is hard to keep under control.

35. Spanking 

Whether you've been a ghoulish person all year and it's something you deserve, or you just want to experiment with something new, you can pick up spanking paddles from all good sex toy retailers. 

They are an excellent way to get you close to the edge and purge you of your Halloween sins.

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36. Bite me

If you have a fetish for nibbling, this one is for you.

You could pretend to be zombies and bite your partner (no blood drawing, of course). 

It also gives you the chance to have more slow, passionate sex, as we doubt zombies can go at it like rabbits.

37. Pumpkin flavoured condoms

Yes, they're a thing!

If you didn't know, now you do.

38. Satan play

Now, unless you're into summoning demons, then this is likely not your thing... but if you are, why not nab yourself an Ouija board and give someone, or something, something to watch as you and your partner get it on.

We never said every option would be for everyone!

39. Spooky tunes

That's right, connect your Spotify to a speaker and play the track from your favourite horror classic or check out a Halloween playlist. 

The difference in the atmosphere will be new and thrilling, just like the music. 

40. Perform the 'six feet under' sex position 

Get your man or partner wearing a strap-on to sit on a chair, then you wheelbarrow them with your legs on either side of them on the chair.

With your arse up and head down, you will most certainly feel six feet under. 

41. Go ghost

A bit of role-playing, pretend you and your partner have split up or ghosted one another.

Then go on a date to rekindle the flame and end the night with passion. 

42. Tentacle action, anyone?

It's a thing that anyone who has watched porn has likely come across, whether they regretted it or not.

There are an array of dildos with scales on out there if it's your kind of thing - or you want to explore the unknown. 

43. Get your witches hat on

Halloween is a full moon, so why not crack out some spells?

Whip up a love potion or look up sex magic for a thrill. 

You can even get sex voodoo dolls that you and your partner can have of one another.

44. Become a fanger banger

Nab yourself some fake vampire teeth and go at it like Dracula. 

45. Extreme submission 

For those into humiliation play, you could get yourself a pig or dog customer.

For added effect, the Internet even offers butt plugs that end with a pigs or dogs tail.

Chuck in a lead, collar, and a bit of mud to get messy in and you're sorted.

46. Accessorise your butt plugs

As well as pigs and dogs, you can also get unicorn tales if you fancy being treated like a Queen.

47. Sage it up

Halloween is a great time to get rid of any evil spirits or energies, so why not celebrate by bringing some sexual energy back into your home.

48. Ride them like a ghost

Blindfold your partner and straddle the life out of them in reverse cowgirl. 

49. Screw like a scarecrow

For this sex position, you're both standing, and your partner holds one leg up while facing them, so they enter you.

50. Bad cop/prisoner 

Role-playing as a cop and criminal? To spice this up, we're going to use the Bad Cop sex position. 

For this, both of you stand, one bent over as the other enters from behind.

Then, to make it more like an arrest, the person being fucked puts their head down as the person behind grabs your hands and leaves you unable to use them as they thrust. 

51. Trick or treat in 69

In 69, you have no idea what your partner is about to do to you - it's the best part - so you don't know if you're getting a trick or treat or not.

Can you see where we're going?

Spice 69 up a bit by either treating your partner (oral play) or tricking them (spanking etc.)

52. Make the most of the animal costume

If you're dressed up as a cute dog, you may as well have fun and get rough in the doggy style. 

53. Yeehaw

Dressed as a cowgirl? Well, kick your boots off (or keep them on) and scream your lungs out in the Cowgirl position.

54. Conjure up a sex drive with aphrodisiacs

No, you don't need to make any potions. You just need to eat foods that increase your sex drives, such as dark chocolate and oysters. 

55. Invite a ghost to join the party

Hey, it's the threesome they have been asking for without them jealously! 

56. Vampire love bites

Love bites are thrilling but annoying to cover up, so why not save them for Halloween night and have a treat once a year?

57. Sex for werewolves 

Into hairy people? Or want to take a break from shaving for a while? Why not romp with a bush and embrace the werewolf look. 

58. Costume play

Go shopping together and pick each other's costumes. 

Whether you're going out in them or if you want to just use them in the bedroom, it will be a fun surprise to see what they picked.

59. Bake-off

Bake up some spooky-themed goods and use the mixture leftover to lick it off each other. 

60. Trick or treat around the house

Leave sticky notes around the home for your partner to find, such as 'love potion (cocktail) waiting for you in the kitchen', then get freaky with it on the countertops. 

61. Up for a fright?

Stick on a horror film and blindfold the one most frightened, then take their mind off of the horror film. 

62. Props all night

Halloween is the perfect time to have props around the house, such as fake guns, and hey, if knife play is something you want to try, this could be an excellent time to find a fake one in the shops.

63. Spooky photoshoot

Dress up for your partner and take some sexy photos for them. Whether sending them directly or printing them out, they will certainly be thankful. 

64. Drive-thru antics

Halloween is the perfect time to get it on while watching a film in the car.

Up and down the country are drive-ins playing horror films at night so no one around you can see what is happening?

65. Get messy

If you like messing up your partner's make-up or rolling around in a mess, this is an excellent time of year.

With a face full of product, fake blood lying around, lots of treats to melt, you can start a riot.

66. Howl all night

See how many rounds you can go. Can you make it until the sun comes up? 

67. Scream

Let it out and be as loud as you damn well, please.

68. Host an adult party

Invite your friends over, set a theme and hey, end the night with an orgy or some sex games because why not!

69. Sex positions galore!

Check back here on October 31 at 5pm for a new article on Halloween-themed sex positions for you to howl all night too.

By Sophie Blackman


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