Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Fear VS Intuition: How to tell the difference so you can start making better decisions

When you are faced with a decision to make, no matter big or small, how many voices do you identify in your head? Can you tell if it's from an intuitive place or one deriving heavily from fear? Let me show you how to figure it out...

The answer is you won't find the solution in your mind. Thoughts are there to try and keep us safe and create problems that have not even happened yet to avoid any hurt. 

While a survival technique of our nervous system, paired with self-doubt, can limit you from having the fire and motivation to chase dreams or goals. It can also frighten you into not leaving comfort zones at all - often due to ignoring our intuition. 

So, let me remind you are already safe, and I am telling you now that the truth will be in your body and your heart, not your mind.

Intuition will feel like love, an expansive full-body yes. 

Fear feels like a contract, emotionally driven back and forth with an attachment of worries and queries.

The distinction is apparent; however, we have gotten so used to letting our minds take the driver's seat. This is why we so often confuse our fear for intuition. 

You can't think your way into your body's wisdom. You must feel through it, without the minds logic and reasoning intervening.

If you have a decision to make, take a couple of minutes to try this with me now or save it for when you need it:

1. Get in a comfortable position (seated upright or lying down). 

2. Close your eyes. 

3. Take three deep breathes into your body and feel the body's nervous system slowing down. 

4. Once your internal body feels calm and still, ask yourself the following question and acknowledge your body's instant reaction.

5. "If I said yes to this, would I feel expanded and excited?" Notice the colours that are associated with the instinctive body reaction.

6. Ask yourself, does everything feel lighter or heavier? Does your heart feel open or closed? Did your body feel warm, or did you get shivers? 

Pay attention. The answer is in the body.

Sometimes asking the right questions really helps you understand your truth. You know when you ask your friend to decide something, and they choose. You are immediately disappointed with their answer, so then you know how you really feel about it? This can be used in the same way through this exercise.

Ask yourself often, "If this was the only choice I had, would I be happy with this?"

Trust that whatever immediately comes up for you is the right thing to do, even if it surprises or scares you. Note that if chatter immediately follows the instinctual feeling, this is your mind/fear trying to convince you otherwise.

Direct your attention inwards. Your intuition will always choose joy, love and truth. (Even if it doesn't seem that way at first).

Using somatic exercises to understand a clients truth is a practice I use in every session with my clients. 

It is doable on your own. However, it is always beneficial and sometimes clearer to have someone guide you through asking the right questions to receive the most intuitive answers. 

If you are looking for clarity to really move forward with certainty, I can help provide you with this in just one session. 

I offer the most intuitive guidance and support to help you truly believe the answers are already within. 

After that, it is just applying a few tools to fully embody that inner wisdom. I believe everybody has the power to heal themselves, and I would love to show you how. 

If you'd like to book in with me, you can book in on my calendar link via Instagram @vibrat3higher - I look forward to meeting you!

Written by VavaViolet's columnist and Life Coach, Jadie White.


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