Sunday, 10 October 2021

Is right person wrong time really a thing? Sadly yes, here's how you avoid missing out again

Have you ever met someone whom you think is everything you have ever dreamed of? Everything about them just seems to click on all levels - yet the time doesn't work out? Here's what's up with that...

If you're lucky, you will meet someone who shares the same thoughts as you, have a similar sense of humour, and have incredible chemistry, but nothing seems to go right. 

Maybe you meet the love of your life the week before you go to uni, or you have amazing chemistry with a holiday romance. Still, they live halfway across the world or maybe simply your life is just not at a point where accommodating a significant other is possible. 

All of these are examples of right person wrong time… and there are so many other scenarios where this is the case.

Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself so the next time, it's the right one.

When we first meet the one, it is easy to be so stupidly happy to the point where everything feels perfect - until self-doubt or past trauma hits you.

The problem with this is that it often means we meet the right one at the wrong time because we don't yet have as much self-love as we thought. You either have lingering insecurities holding the relationship back or feel emotionally unavailable. 

It is cliche as hell but working on yourself and being proud of the person you are is the key to being ready when the right one comes along. Which they will.

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Remember that looks fade, and beauty is more than skin deep, so look for a more meaningful relationship with someone with a personality and interests that align with yours. 

Think about what qualities in a person are most important to you and list things that aren't so desirable. These can be 2/3 personality traits or attributes that you would look for in a relationship and a couple that you would rather just avoid. 

There will always be some things that you just will not budge on. 

If you find someone who meets any of these, you can look at compromising on the rest.

The honeymoon phase of a relationship is natural. 

That 'perfect' bubble that you are thrust into at the beginning of a relationship can lead you into a false sense of security, but relationships require a lot of work. 

Use the time, in the beginning, to focus on your communication for when times are tough. 

No relationship is without the odd difficult time or disagreement.

Written by Jessica Murray.



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