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Last-minute Halloween makeup inspiration: For beginners to experts, right from your makeup bag

Have you been drawing on the same cat whiskers with your outfit for the last three years? Or dressing casually and telling everyone you are a Sim because you left it the to last minute? Here are some more creative looks you can opt for instead.

Whether your skills are that of a four-year-old with a paintbrush or the next P-Louise, we here at VavaViolet Magazine have got your looks secured this Halloween, making it better than ever! 

Credit: Pinterest

Release your inner Marvel nerd with this look inspired by the movie Spiderman. 

This look is impactful and is sure to turn heads. 

It is all about peeling back the mask and will take a while to complete but trust us; it will be so worth it! 

Credit: Pinterest

This look is stunning but subtle and will require slightly more outrageous makeup than usual and fake blood. 

Use red and glittery tones to make this look hauntingly gorgeous and extend the lines down the face. 

Overline the lips and endorse your following with a fake blood necklace, and you are good to go.

Credit: Pinterest

Taking inspiration from the Joker in the Suicide Squad franchise, this look is made with signature green hair and hand-drawn tattoos. 

At the very least, grab yourself some pale foundation, some green hairspray, red lipstick and an eyeliner pen for tattoos and go to town.

Dress a partner or friend up as Harley Quinn, and you're good to go. 

Credit: Pinterest

All that is missing from this look is a crystal ball and some tarot cards. 

This look is thrilling yet haunting and can be implemented by using dark earthy tones around the eyes and a statement dark lip. 

For a hint of magic, add in some gold and glitter and throw on some statement jewellery that jingles, and you are all set.

Credit: Pinterest

This look is great for beginners. 

Smack on a big, winged eyeliner with lots of white/cream tones on the actual lid. 

Twin this with lots of dots all over the face and draw yourself a teeny nose and a dark top lip. 

Add some tiny space buns in your hair to match as ears, and you'll look like a fawn in no time.

Credit: Pinterest

The signature red and blue combination can only be associated with one powerhouse, Harley Quinn. 

Overline all of your features and smudge your lipstick a little. 

Be sure to draw on the statement tattoos and get out the coloured hair spray for your bunches, and this look is complete.

Why not base your look on the infamous Disney villain Scar from the lion king. 

Simple yet effective, this look is a sexy way to liven up your makeup with very little skill required. 

A scar down the eyebrow and nose and a roar, and people will instantly recognise who you are.

Pinterest: Credit

This look is haunting yet beautiful but will take a lot of skill to complete. 

It combines makeup to create a look that makes it appear to be melting off to reveal a skull underneath. 

Using a mixture of face paint and makeup and the details will mean that you will probably use most of the brushes in your collection. 

All around, this is the most complex look on the list, but if you are feeling it, why not give it a try.


Which look was your favourite, and what will you be going for this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

By Jessica Murray


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