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Let no one dim your shine: How to handle rejection like a bad bitch

Everyone has been rejected at least at one point in life – it could be that you didn't get the job you applied for, a group of friends didn't want to hang out, or a new love interest just isn't working out.

Unfortunately, rejection is inevitable, and there is no getting around the fact that it sucks but that people are allowed to reject you.

Sometimes putting yourself out there is a huge step, and ultimately getting a "no" can be heartbreaking and enough to make you want to stop.

Fortunately, there are ways you can deal with rejection that can help you come out of it more robust and help you to handle it like a bad bitch. 

Getting rejected doesn't have to be all bad. In the long run, successfully dealing with rejection can make you more resilient.

So, if you're wondering how to deal with rejection, here are some of the best tips and techniques to help you bounce back:

Always remember there is a reason why rejection hurts, and don't blame yourself. 

It isn't because you are weak or sensitive. 

The reasoning may lie in our ancient history and our need to have others accept us. However, beyond this, people have a right to feel differently about rejection. 

For some, it may feel like the end of the world, but they may just see it as a step in a journey. 

Everyone is entitled to handle it in different ways. 

Immediately after rejection, many are not in the right headspace. 

Even if we are on a healthy path to self-development, it may feel like a negative step. 

Frustration is a likely reaction, and it is essential to release that and get yourself back to a stable mental attitude. 

This doesn't mean going and punching the nearest thing, as that will only make you feel worse in the long run. Instead, take some time to do something you love, and that calms you down. 

Maybe reading a book, going to the gym or even taking a bath are great ways to take time for yourself and get you back into a more stable headspace.

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After dealing with and overcoming your initial feelings and taking the time to calm down, it is vital to pay attention to your feelings and your next step. 

This can be a lot for the brain to process all at once, so try writing it down. It can also be good to look back on if you face rejection again, giving you hope that you got through it before and how you can move past it again. 

Remember that your emotions are your own, and your feelings are valid even if others see them differently. 

Try to remain positive and look forward rather than dwelling on the negative. This should help you squash any self-doubt you may be feeling and propel you along on your self-development journey.

When faced with rejection in any scenario, it is essential to remember that it is from just one person or one thing. 

Not everyone feels that way, and there are still so many people that will support you regardless. 

Spend quality time with those who love and support you as well as those you look up to as they will keep you grounded and connected.

They may also offer support, advice, and guidance on moving forward and reminding you of your self-worth.

We tend to beat ourselves up over the things that might have led us to be rejected, and hindsight can be a powerful thing but remember to be kind to yourself. 

Everything happens for a reason, and just because it didn't happen right now, it doesn't mean it will never happen. 

You can easily fall into being unkind to yourself but try not to dwell on this. 

Look at how you would do things differently next time and what you can learn from it. 

Treat yourself how you would treat others in your situation and show the same compassion towards yourself.

If there is only one thing to take from rejection, it is ok to fail sometimes. 

It is an inevitable part of life, and every successful person in the world has experienced it at one time or another. 

Allow yourself to process it and then use that as a tool for next time. 

Just remember that no matter how hard it may seem, do not give up!

By Jessica Murray


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