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The most frightening horror films (based on real-life events) ever made

Many think it is not reality when watching a scary film, but some blood-curdling horrors are based on or inspired by real-life events.

Everyone has their level of comfortability when it comes to horror movies. Some amongst you can watch guts and gore all day long whilst others can only bear it hiding behind a pillow. 

Whether you're looking for spooky films based on the natural world and events or looking for ones to avoid, here are some with the creepiest storylines.

Two notes "da dun" to send shivers down your spine, unless you think of sharks like a friendly pet dog, that is. 

This film has been out nearly half a decade and is still said to be one of the scariest movies of all time, but did you know actual events inspired it? 

Peter Benchley wrote the novel Jaws. Fascinated by sharks, he wrote the book after hearing about a 4,500lb great white shark that a fisherman caught near Long Island.

The Phantom Slayer was responsible for the "Texarkana moonlight murders" in 1946.

Eight attacks killed five people, and the perpetrator was never ever caught. 

This film was based on a true story and scarily accurate as it used the same names for the characters, including the Texas Ranger that worked the case. 

Quite scary to think that somewhere out there is a 75-year-old that is capable of such horrific crimes.

Depending on your point of view, this could be incredibly cool or indeed blood-curdling.

Fire in the Sky is based on the alleged alien abduction of a man named Travis Walton. 

Travis was reported missing by friends and disappeared for several days before one day returning. He claims he was beamed up into an alien spaceship and even wrote a book about it which was then turned into the film!

This movie is enough to turn anyone's stomach. 

It is about the cannibal Alfred Packer who confessed to murdering people when stuck in the Colorado mountains in cold and brutal winter. 

Although disturbing, some say this was necessary to survive. However, going vegetarian and living off plants seems like a saner eating your travel buddies!

This film is about a Florida sex worker named Aileen Wuornos, who became a serial killer murdering seven of her clients in 1989 and 1990. 

Wuornos was executed in 2002 but claimed self-defence throughout. 

Seven people went to see her get a shag and then never left!

Charles Manson and followers of his cult were known for committing some genuinely horrific crimes, including the murder of Sharon Tate and the mutilation of the dead bodies. 

It is the type of crime that you can only imagine were that of fiction instead of fact.

The movie about these crimes is horrifying to watch. It is almost like you are witnessing the corruption first-hand.

This film is based on the true crimes of two Australian serial killers Ivan Milat and Bradley John Murdoch. 

Both of these men were found guilty of murdering travelling backpackers in the Australian outback.

The outback is known for being deadly to travel through in the middle of nowhere, but these two made it an absolute nightmare for many victims. 

Based on the serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, the film follows Henry and his roommate Otis.

Henry convinces Otis to murdering randomly selected people. Henry murdered hundreds of people in the 1980's, but they were all strangers. 

In one attack, they kill all three family members when entering their home. With no compassion or empathy, Henry will kill, making sure there are no witnesses. 

Written by Jessica Murray.


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