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8 easy to bake snacks to get you in the Christmas spirit

With Christmas just around the corner, it is the perfect time to do some baking to get you into the mood. If you are having friends over for Christmas Eve nibbles or making some cute edible gifts, we have eight recipes that are sure to get you into the festive spirit.

If you are gluten-free or vegan, you can still join in the festivities. Many supermarkets now carry the basics, such as vegan butter. So, hop to the kitchen and participate in the bake-off!

Santa hat brownies is a lovely simple recipe that can be altered to suit anyone's taste. 

Whip up a batch of brownies (if you're short on time, a packet mix will do), add any ingredients to personalise them how you like and decorate with cream and strawberries to look like little Santa Hats.

Full recipe here: Santa Hat Brownies.

Love them or hate this, this is truly a Christmas staple, and you cannot beat homemade. 

The mix of festive spices makes you feel warm and fuzzy when cosied up on the sofa with a mulled wine. 

Top tip to make the recipe if you're in a rush, you can use ready-rolled pastry instead of making your own.

Full recipe here: Deep-filled mince pies.

If you love decorating for Christmas but hate untangling the lights, why not leave them on a cupcake instead. 

You can use any of your favourite-coloured candies to create this effect, and they are fun and easy to make for all the family.

Full recipe here: Christmas Light Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.

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These festive cookies are super cute and are quick and easy to make. 

Why spend all that time decorating the tree with the only reward being that it looks nice when you can bake cookies and then eat them at the end.

Full recipe here: Best Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks.

These are perfect treats for the kids to make as no oven is required. It is a great and easy snack to make that will get them into the festive spirit. 

Once they are made, you can twin with a candy cane sleigh to create the perfect centrepiece for a Christmas snack table.

Full recipe here: Reindeer Rice Krispies Recipe.

These make the perfect homemade gift and sweet treat to show someone that you care this Christmas. 

Not only do they taste great, but they will have your home smelling very festive whilst they bake. 

They can be individually wrapped, and a personalised message attached, making them a lovely addition to any stocking.

Full recipe here: Chocolate Gingerbread Men with Candy Canes.

Who doesn't love cheesecake at any time of the year! 

You can make the cheesecake to suit your taste or buy your favourite from the shop but make sure you decorate it with strawberries and cream to give the illusion of Santa hats.

Full recipe here: Best Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites.

This snack is the perfect combination of smooth caramel, milky chocolate, and crunchy pretzels. 

They are the perfect snack to curb the immense sugary cravings over the Christmas period, and they can be bagged up as a gift for anyone to enjoy.

Full recipe here: Easy Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites Recipe.

By Jessica Murray.

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