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8 Simple Mrs Hinch tips that have got me through my 1st year in my new home

Sophie Hinchcliffe, known to many as Mrs Hinch, is a self-confessed cleanaholic who has changed over four million lives with her whole host of tips and tricks to get your home looking spotless. Here are her eight best tips!

I, myself, am no domestic goddess, but I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. 

Since moving out last year, I have firmly cemented myself as a member of the Hinch Army. From Zoflora to Minky cloths, the world of cleaning just got a whole lot easier.

Mrs Hinch is a household name to many becoming an online personality after sharing videos of cleaning her Essex home. 

She has some famous besties, including the lovely Stacey Solomon

With an Instagram following well over four million, I strive to have a spotless home as she does. It has inspired me to don the Marigolds and get my hands dirty.

There are so many tips, and tricks that Mrs Hinch advises in her four books but below are eight that I live by now since my Mum (aka the cleaning fairy) is no longer around.

Do you hate that nasty smell rolling up from the sinks? 

Pour some soda crystals down the plughole. 

This is followed by white vinegar, and a disinfectant (like a Hinch Army favourite Zoflora) followed by boiling water, leaving the plugs smelling sweet.

Use a disinfectant spray with some water and wipe off the excess before using a stainless-steel cleaner and a trusty microfibre cloth to polish it off.

Use a cloth and cleaning paste. But, of course, the trusty Pink Stuff is always a cheap and effective winner. 

After a few mins of it sitting, use a wet cloth to rinse and then repeat as many times as necessary.

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Use a white vinegar spray and a soft microfibre cloth to buff out all smears until they are gone.

Use a disinfectant spray and pour a cap of disinfectant in the bottom. Hose down and use a cloth with washing up liquid to wipe it down inside and outside. 

Hose down thoroughly and leave it out to dry.

Slide-out the drawer and use a bathroom spray and use a limescale remover in the gap where the drawer was. 

Pull back the rubber rim and use a spray before wiping it down. 

A good hack is using an old electric toothbrush to gently scrub away any dirt.

Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the affected area and rub with gloved. 

Hoover off after an hour.

Empty the fridge and remove the shelves and use hot water to clean that. 

Then fill the bottom bracket with washing up liquid and disinfectant. 

Use this to wipe down both the inside and outside of the fridge.

By Jessica Murray.


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