Thursday, 11 November 2021

8 Tips to make your commute productive to set you up for your workday

Commuting in the winter months is extremely draining and dull. Instead of dreading it, here are some ways you can use your commute to prepare for the day ahead productively, so you feel more positive and awake.

Set aside 15 mins to plan your day in advance. 

Doing this before the day's stress starts can help you avoid mistakes and ensure that all-important tasks get done in the day. 

Use either your phone or a small notebook to draft your day and make sure you cross off the tasks as you complete them. 

If you drive or cycle for your commute, write this list the night before and run through it in your head or record an audio to-do list.

A work-life balance is essential, and everyone needs something that they enjoy whilst unwinding. 

Are you a poet? An artist? An author? Inspiration can be taken from anywhere, focus on and use the commute as a time to observe and let your imagination run wild and tap into your creativity. 

Make a note of any critical ideas and use them later. 

Research states that 1 in 3 people feel worse about their lives after visiting social media. 

Make your commute a social media-free zone and focus on your day ahead. 

Beginning your day with a positive outlook will allow you not only to disconnect from life's stresses but also give you time to reflect.

Learning a new language comes in handy when ordering a cocktail on holiday, but there are many other benefits. 

Learning a new language improves cognitive abilities and enhances the ability to hold attention. 

As well as this, multitasking comes more naturally to those who speak two languages.

Use your time to look towards your life goals and manifest yourself hitting them. 

No one ever became the CEO by not staying focused on their goals. 

See yourself where you want to be and work on getting yourself there in small manageable steps. 

A dream board is a great way to visualize where you want to be. 

Add clippings of articles, pictures and quotes that inspire you.

Getting yourself calm and staying that way can be tricky. 

Meditation allows you to focus your mind. 

Many apps can assist with starting this process, and by setting aside part of your commute each day, you can build up a better mindset. 

A few minutes a day can improve concentration, focus, and memory, but focusing on breathing can help just the same if this isn't for you.

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Although too much time on our phones can cause a "brain drain", by using effectively, they can sharpen your mind.  

Download and use brain training apps to help you wake up and focus when you're in the office.

Falling into a pattern means that we can end up doing the same things repeatedly. 

Consider breaking up your routine where you can. This will allow us to unwind and create a headspace to explore new ideas and relax. 

Why not switch up the mode of transport that you take and give yourself some quiet time.

Another tip: If it gets you down, speak to your boss about hybrid working and working more flexibly. Use the time during your commute to be productive, and you will be grateful in the meantime. Instead of seeing it as a part of the day that you lose, see it as some time to do things for yourself.

Written by Jessica Murray.


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