Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Change of Seasons: How to accept the journey rather than resist it | By Life Coach Jadie White

There has been such a massive shift in our energy recently. Not only is the weather turning colder, the days getting shorter, but energetically, our internal seasons are slowing down, meaning our external life is starting to match. 

For us empaths, this season is susceptible as we learn to readjust to the changes that come with a darker season. This may mean that your routines are starting to slip, your diet is changing, you want to sleep longer, your emotions are heavier. 

Whatever this looks like to you, know wherever you are at is exactly where you are meant to be and whatever you are experiencing is totally valid. 

If you are experiencing a standstill or roadblock in your relationships, career, personal work etc., right now, know that this is totally natural. 

In society, there is this assumption that if we are not moving, then we are not progressing, but I want to challenge that. 

The growth of our muscles actually takes place when we sleep; therefore, what if the pause stage was a necessary integration stage? 

A space to take a breather, process where we've been and integrate what we've learnt, accepting the presence rather than resisting it. Resistance to what is is the only thing that is actually causing us suffering. 

Life, like any journey, is not an uphill ascension. It is full of ebbs and flows, turns and weaves, U-turns and dead ends. All are a natural part of the journey, including stop-overs to stretch your legs, take a breather and refresh. 

Arguably the most crucial part of any journey is the space to really be present and take a reflective look at how far we've already come. Appreciate the view behind us and really embody those feelings of where we are now. 

How can we find comfort in the pause, knowing it is just a temporary and necessary pause to give us the strength to proceed? As the days get darker, how can we bring our own light onto our shadows? How can we acknowledge and accept the shadows as a natural part of us? 

Fear only arises in these times of change because we are not trusting in the process. Thus, learn from Nature. 

Like the trees, the leaves have to fall. Like humans, we have to rest. The trees aren't worried that the leaves will grow back. Instead, they accept and welcome the beauty of the leaves changing colour to fall off as a necessary stage to prepare for the next cycle. Like the leaves, how can we rest knowing that this standstill is only preparing us for the next phase of our revolution?

Wherever you are in your internal cycle, you are meant to be just there. So stop worrying, everything is okay. You will rise again. But for now, be here. 

Written by VavaViolet's columnist and Life Coach, Jadie White.

PS: Whatever stage of your cycle you are at, I am here to hold that grounding space for you to pause, be held and come back to yourself. Amid any change, it can be fearful and even though this is a natural part of life, it is okay to need support. I am currently taking on a new collective of 1:1 heart-centred beings looking for that stability whilst they release, process and integrate a new reality for themselves. If this is calling out to you, you can book a free 30-minute introductory call here, and I look forward to meeting you there! 


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