Friday, 19 November 2021

Is Zoom good for business? The pros & cons explained

Despite being out of lockdown for months now, many have spent hour upon hour on video calls. A lifesaver in communication throughout the pandemic and still as efficient. However, it is not always needed. Here is how to decide when to ditch the online chit chat and find an alternative method.

Many businesses were founded in lockdown. The rule of not mixing meant that Zoom calls became an effective way to combat the mixing rules and travel bans, especially for those reliant on communication across the globe. 

It made logical sense for those to keep in contact virtually and essentially keep businesses running.

Between October 2019 – October 2020, over three trillion minutes were spent on Zoom calls alone, equally 6.3 million years. This is a substantial rise of 3302.06% from the previous year! 

After spending so long online, it's no wonder that many are seeking alternatives.

So, what are the main reasons many are ditching Zoom for original methods now that lockdown is over?

Like anything, Zoom is not without its issues. Unfortunately, many users find the technical issues they encounter rather irritating. 

From lagging Wi-Fi to dodgy webcams, the list of issues is staggering. Still, with a whopping 300 million users, there is no surprise that the system is running a little slow.

The nature of Zoom means that you are engaged in an unnatural amount of eye contact. 

For those with anxiety and other mental health issues, this can cause severe stress and causes exhaustion.

The need to appear in the centre of the screen and be focused on is one issue, but the constant need to stare at someone can be an issue. 

Jeremy Bailenson from Stanford University says, "it's like being followed around with a mirror all day" this is likely to make even the most comfortable feel uneasy.

Non-verbal communication is key to learning and taking in information. 

Over video call, it can be hard to notice these things over a video call as you cannot focus on one another. 

It makes it harder to understand what the other person is saying when subtle gestures such as nods and eye rolls cannot be picked up.

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However, there are a lot of times when a Zoom is an excellent tool in communication.

For example...

A zoom meeting is a great way to communicate with those who are across the globe. 

In an age where not only have flights been grounded, but it's not sustainable to jump on a plane and fly across the world for a meeting, it is a way of speaking face to face with people and being up a rapport with them.

Just because there has been a pandemic doesn't mean that companies are not still hiring staff. 

A friendly face is often critical and allows you to "put a face to a name" and make meaningful connections. 

Visual learning is vital for some people to grasp a concept. This is an excellent way of catering towards many ways of learning all at once.

In a world where we are just coming out of a pandemic, Zoom allows meetings between large groups of people all from within the comfort of their own homes. 

It is a great tool to maintain communication and productivity. 

Everyone can simply and safely log in and out without the need to congregate in large groups.

So what is our advice? As always, you have to do what is best for you. 

However, we advise you not to focus solely on one method of communication but maybe use 2/3 to enhance your performance. 

As an employer, make sure you give your staff the element of control of what they are doing and don't let them feel as though they are being dictated to. 

And as an employee, work in partnership with your bosses to make the business run as smoothly as possible, be it in the office or at home.

By Jessica Murray.


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