Monday, 15 November 2021

The easy guide to living a happy and fulfilled vegan lifestyle

Veganism continues to flourish - with hundreds of alternative products to select and various sources devoted to helping people make the switch. So, we have designed a guide about going vegan to make the process even easier.

Here are five tips to help you slip into a vegan lifestyle!

Discovering ways to enjoy your favourite food is the most helpful tip for going vegan. 

Compile a list of your go-to meals and research vegan alternatives. 

Your dishes can be based on time efficiency, special occasions, and pure comfort. 

A plant-based diet gives you the perfect opportunity to fall in love with food all over again, rediscover and embrace new vegan alternatives. 

If you decide to eat something that isn’t vegan or accidental, don’t feel bad about it. 

For example, circumstances may occur where you learn that mum’s cookies had eggs in them. 

However, it would be best if you didn’t criticise yourself. 

Veganism is about making mindful decisions each day.

When in doubt, return to your why. 

Why are you vegan? For the animals, your health, the environment?

Whichever your why is, embrace it and use it to motivate you to go further. 

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When starting the transition to go vegan, don’t do it alone. 

There are countless fantastic groups for anyone questioning how to go vegan. 

In addition, other resources such as vegan magazines are readily available, containing inspiring recipes to help get you started. 

It may also be helpful to research local social events with other plant-based companions. 

Ask any questions you may have and invite friends and family. Even if they aren’t going vegan themselves, it doesn’t mean they won’t be supportive and interested during your transformation. 

You don’t have to jump feet first, don’t throw out every item you own that you realise isn’t vegan. 

For example, you aren’t doing any justice to the environment if you throw away your shampoo because it contains collagen. 

Instead, replace those items as and when they need to. 

Remember, this is a personal journey. Make the most out of it.

By VavaViolet's health & fitness columnist, Amy McQuire. 


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