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8 Things to consider before hiring a life coach - and whether you should do

Some of the biggest and most successful household names worldwide all extensively work with life coaches. 

For many, life coaches are essential to keeping life balanced and on track, but is it the right path for you? 

Here are eight things for you to consider before taking the plunge.

Do you have psychological issues?

It is essential to decide whether you need the services of a coach or a therapist.

The main difference is that a coach will help you focus on the future and find new ways of acting, thinking, and dealing with situations without looking at the past. 

Issues such as depression or anxiety would be better placed to be looked at by a trained therapist, and once you have worked through these, a coach can help you avoid them in the future.

Has something remarkable has happened in your life?

Change, whether for the better or, the worse, can often be fraught with challenges. Changing one aspect of your life can have a knock-on impact on other areas making it difficult to manage. 

Working with a coach can help look at transitional issues you have faced before and how you can improve them now, you're moving forward.

Do you want someone to fix what's wrong with your life?

Yes, the right coach will help you, but they cannot solve anything for you. 

Coaches will ask questions, listen, and reflect but maintaining balance in your life is a huge personal commitment. 

The right coach should be able to help you with excellent tools and resources to help you towards success; however, the significant heavy lifting needs to come from you. If it doesn't, even with the best help, a coach won't help.

Are you struggling to let go?

Changes in your life may mean that you have let go of something but are unsure where to go from it. 

Working with a coach will help you discover and support you to help reorganise yourself. 

A coach is on your side and will know the right questions to ask to help you make breakthroughs. In addition, they should help you to become more curious and take on more challenges.

Are you looking for a friend?

If this is the case, maybe coaching isn't for you. A good coach will not be your friend. 

Family and friends can help, but they are not often impartial like a coach as they are often too close to your situation.

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Do you need to self-reflect?

Look at yourself and maybe write down some areas within your life that need improvement in any aspect, be it health, business or social. 

You need to get clarity and be sure about the issues you face before bringing someone in to help you tackle them. Then, think about how a life coach will benefit you and whether you are at a point where they will positively impact you.

Is it a good fit?

To be successful, there has to be a vital element of both trust and chemistry like any relationship in life. 

If you don't gel with your coach straight away, it doesn't mean it isn't for you. However, it may mean that you don't have the right coach. 

If you feel that your interactions are awkward or uncomfortable, you won't listen to them. Trust is one of the single most essential things in any relationship so make sure that you can trust your coach in a way that you value their opinion and are willing to open up.

Do you feel stuck at a crossroads?

At some point in life, everyone will feel like they are trying their best to improve the situation, and nothing is working. 

To achieve what you want out of life, sometimes you need someone asking the right questions. 

Fear of failure is difficult to overcome, but with a clear strategy, you can plan for most eventualities making it easier to weigh up the risks. 

The right coach will help you break through your assumptions and self-doubt and help to mould your drive so you don't always feel stuck.

By Jessia Murray.


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