Monday 21 March 2022

How to clean your sex toys without harming your privates or devices

Cleaning your sex toys is just as important as how much you enjoy using them and making sure you do so in a way that doesn't cause damage to you or your device is crucial. 

There should be some indication on the packaging of how best to clean each toy, but how often do we read the small print before heading for a thrill or chucking the instructions in the bin?

So, if that's you and you're now feeling lost, don't worry. Here's how and when you should clean your sex toys. 

When and how often should you clean your toys?

It is advisable to clean the toy before and after masturbation. 

After washing toys, make sure they are thoroughly dried as leaving them damp can be a recipe for breading bacteria such as UTIs or yeast infections. 

It is especially important to clean them if you are using them on another person or are switching between anal and vaginal play.

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How to clean your toys depending on materials

Several toy cleaners are available on the market, but good old soap and water can work just as well too if you are on a budget. Here are some of the specifics for different types of toys.

For Stainless Steel, glass, plastic or jelly-like material soap and water is probably the best way to go. When using soap and water, make sure that the soap is not fragranced, antibacterial or contain Triclosan. Triclosan is an irritant and can be linked to a host of health issues. 

Normal soap or one that is mild and unscented is perfect as scents can risk infection!

For silicone, boiling is a great way to kill bacteria, but make sure it is only for a few minutes. However, for vibrators or toys that have a motor, these should be hand washed but make sure that the charging port of batteries is protected whilst being cleaned. 

If it is not possible to protect these areas, then a wipe can be used.

For soft skin items like fleshlights or dildos rinsing them can make them feel sticky so buying a non-talc alternative like a refreshing powder can do the job better.

Where should you store toys after cleaning?

In all aspects of sex, aftercare is important. Storing your toys properly is super important, don't leave them out to collect dust.

Several products on the market can be used to effectively store your toys. Such as silicone or fabric boxes which means they don't hold moisture. 

You can even use a good fabric reusable bag from home you don't need to buy one but, just make sure you store them properly.

By Sophie Blackman. 



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