Friday, 8 April 2022

The Future of Veganism explained: What would happen if everyone turned vegan?

Traditional veganism is recognised as not consuming animal products, including dairy, eggs, or by-products. Across the past 12 months, the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 40%.  

And will increase with more people understand the damage of animal production. 

Being vegan is more than a lifestyle shift; science has established that.

Veganism influences your health and the way you interpret humanity. 

A vegan diet alone is more prolific in nutrients enhancing skin and overall well-being. 

With that in mind, what would happen if everyone turned to veganism? 

Climate change will take the back seat

A vegan diet is an efficient climate aider; it could diminish the emission rate by 70%. 

Currently, animal agriculture is a catalyst for greenhouse gas production; livestock alone is responsible for 32,000 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. 

By choosing vegan, we allow livestock to live their whole life while greenhouse gas contributing to global warming will be restricted as animal agriculture will be no more. 

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A healthier lifestyle will appear 

Consuming animal products doesn’t just harm animals and the environment but can damage our health. 

Various vegan alternatives are rich in plant-based protein and don’t include the harmful effects of animal-derived protein. 

By consuming a vegan lifestyle, it’s simple to get the correct balance.

Veganism gives various health benefits, including a reduced risk of chronic conditions. 

Researchers state that a vegan diet would result in 8.1 million fewer deaths per year globally. 

It’s also been discovered that individuals who didn’t consume meat have 10 fewer cases of heart disease compared to the 1000 meat-eaters. 

People worldwide are taking the opportunity to become vegan, and each person has their own story. 

For some, it’s about optimising their health, reducing their risk of disease, or simply feeling better to positively impact themselves and the future. 

What will your future be like? 

Whether you make them mindful decision to live a vegan lifestyle, the future is inevitable. 

Veganism will continue to progress and leave a concrete footprint for future generations to learn and adopt future ways of living. 

By Amy McGuire. 


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